Aruba Tourism Authority - American Liaison For American Tourists

Hello! After sixteen visits to Aruba over the last six years, I feel that there is a strong need for an American representative of the Aruba Tourism Authority, to assist American tourists with the variety of questions, concerns, and yes...complaints, while vacationing on the island we've come to know as our second home. All it takes is one "negative" experience to fail to capture a repeat visitor, and this type of review on Trip Advisor and other sites, are far more plentiful than they should be.

U.S. tourism is big business in Aruba. An American resident situated at a desk (with phone) either proximate to customs at the airport or centrally located in downtown Oranjestad, may make the difference between tourists returning to the island or deciding to travel elsewhere. Often times, all it takes is someone to actively listen, and offer assistance. My extensive business background dealing with clientele/customers across the USA and Canada, makes me an ideal candidate for such a position. My young daughter and I have been considering relocation to Aruba seriously for the past year.

My intent is to offer my services to the tourism industry in Aruba, to retain and increase American tourist travel to the island.

Hi un hopi bunita Sasha!

Have you contacted the tourism authority already?

Armand Team

Bon Dia!

I have not pursued this directly with the ATA since I am not able to consider relocation while I care for my elderly parents. I will be able to pursue my dream more aggressively when it is just me and "Sasha".

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