i am ariful islam. i have finished BBS. i need a good job.

Hi ariful islam,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

Please note that your discussion is now on the Dhaka Forum for better visibility and interaction :)

You should post your resume in the Waiter job offers in Dhaka section please :)

Best of luck to you !

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Good morning
I am Mohi uddin rahman.I am working in hospitality industry in food & beverage dept.in Room Service "Order Taker" itsa Five star hotel.I would like to work in Bangladesh,as a same profession if not if not any types of job its fine.
I am hard worker,honest,good team player,responsible present.
My Educational Qualification H.S.C.
Computer course certificate( MS Word,Excel,Access,Internet)
My Contact Details:-
Mobile no- +91551624739

Thanks With Regards
Mohi uddin Rahman

HI Mohi > this is an old topic. Please post your ad in the jobs in Dhaka section. Thank you.

Hmmm so I se that  the "Expat Forum" has now become the "Jobs for Bangladeshi's" forum.
So good to see the moderators doing their job.

shane59 :

Hmmm so I se that  the "Expat Forum" has now become the "Jobs for Bangladeshi's" forum.
So good to see the moderators doing their job.

Back up your comments with a little more information.

I have backed up my comments with numerous previous posts, and various correspondence to the moderators.

This is meant to be a forum for expats, by expats, but unfortunately in the case of the Bangladesh Forum, it has become a forum for Bangladeshi's selling their services/business, looking for a job, or looking for a foreign woman i.e.a dating service. All of which is in contravention of the supposed Code of Conduct for the site, yet the moderators seem to do very little to prevent or remove these posts.

Hello shane59,

Do note that we have seen your previous posts as well, i will suggest you to contact us directly HERE.

Also note that we strongly recommend the members to report the members who are here for dating or for selling their services, as like you said we are not a dating site nor a commercial site but a site for the expatriates, so please do not hesitate to click on the "report" button.

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:


If it were just an occasional post from a Bangladesh national, I could accept your response, but it's not. I estimate that at least 80% of posts on the Bangladesh Expat Forum website are from non expats (i.e., Bangladesh nationals), and at least 50% of these posts contravene the Expat Blob code of conduct, and so why are the moderators not monitoring the posts far more closely and immediately removing the very large number of posts that should not be on this site?

I try my best to assist other expats needing information or advice on moving to, and living in Bangladesh, but quite frankly I am fed up with having to troll through all of the rubbish being posted by Bangladesh nationals. In other countries where I have lived or visited I have found the Expat.com very helpful and informative, but the Bangladesh Blog is really nothing more than a Bangladesh dating site cum, business advertising site cum job hunting site.


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