Budapest flights are so expensive!

Why are flights to Budapest so expensive?
What's going on in Budapest?

Great weather, tourist flocking in? Can't blame them :-)

Backlog from the ashcloud scare?

Fluctuating exchange rates? Try again in a few days, our currency is falling sharp.

Within the continent I love overnight trains: no hassle with "safety", luggage, delays or legroom. I usually get a good nights sleep, always meet great company.

Do you work and live in Hungary, specifically Budapest?

I'm considering moving there, if i don't find work in Paris. The French language thing is a barrier. I speak Hungarian, and i hope or i'm lead to believe Budapest is the vogue city, it's very new and upcoming. How is the morale of the people? Employment opportunities? and so on.
You are hungarian?

Thanx for your advice on the flights. Strange, a friend of mine bought tickets from Paris to Budapest return, for only 40 euro, that was back in February or March.


I'm Hungarian and I work in Budapest. There are nice hip parts, bloody expensive, but those who can afford it have no morale issues I assure you :-)

There's plenty of work for those who seek and have marketable skills. Beyond a certain level the payscale approaches international levels, too bad you either have to cheat taxes or settle for 1/3rd of that pay... (excuse my bitterness, transitioning to the second option from the first is rather frustrating on so many levels.)

How come you speak Hungarian, but need to ask about Budapest?
Have you never been here?

I usualy fly easy jet where I can, hate the airline but Malev (Hungarian Airlines) is just to expensive...Great city, up and comming, full of energy and hungry entrepreneurs...fells like Berlin 20 years ago!

I'm an Australian, from Sydney. Even though my parents are Hungarian I am a born and breed Aussie. Hungary is as foreign to me as if it were India or Greece. I know of it, i've tasted the food but knowing what the day to day life is all about i have absolutley no idea. I do know that it came out of communism, and like many countries that come out, there is an opportunity for greater growth, morale and entrepreneurship - i hope.

But surely Budapest could not be more expensive than Sydney and PARIS! Especially Paris, where i currently reside. Surely not.

I would like to teach English to get me by and hopefully learn culinary skills. Is Budapest as innovative as the Netherlands, Germany, or is it reclaiming its traditions such as France. To my surprise France is not so forward thinking (when i compare it to Belgium, Sweden, Germany and Australia!), why i am looking for a country or city with more of a 'get-up-and-go', more innovation, more excitement. Give it to me! that's what i'm looking for. Does Budapest have this?

Just to add a little comment about these expensive flights.
Easy Jet is doing good prices (sometimes) but if you compare, Malev is better. In advance, even one month, you can find prices quite close to the ones Easy jet propose, and at least you can choose the hours of flying, Easy jet has shity schedule, usually in the morning. And as Malev gives you drink and a snack! :)

Good luck !

@Ninda, I flew Malev two times a week to and from Budapest when I was living in Berlin and the cheapest flight I got was 148,88 euros and that was ooked two months out. Easy jet gets me to berlin for 160,00 euros including speedy boarding. Malev was often late or cancelled, not a very dependable airline in my opinion.
@Gabs - Budapest is expensive, I was suprised as well, comming from Germany I expected it to be less but if you earn euros you will do ok. The average wages here do not fit the costs. Your right though, it is not more expensive than Paris!

Hi, i am scandinavian, before Bp i have been living in italy, uk and australia among other places and i find hungary very reasonable indeed. For americans it might not looks so cheap but for australian (or british/skandinavian/italian) definitely very much so, at least this is my perception. It is not like it might have been 10 years ago, but compared with those places, the living costs difference can be easily 30-40 %, of course depending how you spend money...

It's the summer. Flights generally double from May to September (at least between BP and Dublin)You'd do well checking flights into Bratislava or Vienna and then taking the train. Happy travels.

Thank you guys for your input!

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