Can any one help on information about iPi Transport Group

I have been looking at job in PNG and have applied for a position with iPi transport Group. They a based in Lae.
Can anyone tell me what the company is like - are they reputable, what are they like to work for, look after their expat workers etc.

They are a very reputable company in PNG. I have had no dealings with them in all my time in PNG but they are considered the best trucking, logistics, catering and warehousing companies in PNG.   

If you are willing to take a leap forward then take on a years contract with them.

Agree with what stumpy has said they are well known in LAE and have a good reputation. I have had a few beers with some of their ex-pats here in LAE and they all seem happy.

Thanks Stumpy and Simmo - appreciate your help - just have to wait for the next interview. Not sure of the tenure for this job - will get to ask them some questions on the second callback - if I get it.

Tenure is usually 12 months contract.

Yes it is a good company. A 12 month contract is hardly worth the effort. Go for a 3 year contract with an option to renew.


Hi (is your name Hans??)
I have been waiting for some information back from the hiring company - has been a long process but have just been told its down to about three - and I am one of them - fingers crossed.

If you have the time to answer - I have a few questions to ask you??

Where are you from - Australia?? Was it easy getting visas etc or did the company do that?

What is the tax situation like - are you taxed in PNG and then Australia??

What is the accommodation like?

Hope to hear from you again

Hi Hans,
I am in the final part of getting a job with iPi Trans. They want to fly me over to Lae. I have sent them a copy of my passport - hopefully I will get word on when I will be coming over.
Did you go through a similar process when they hired you.
Must admit this has been a lengthy process - am looking forward to seeing what PNG and the company are like.

Hi Paul,

Hi Paul,

This might help you :)

The usual Work Permit and Visa process consists of 2 stages:

    Stage 1 - Work Permit Application (PNG Dept of Labour & Industrial Relations) (DLIR)
    Stage 2 - Entry Permit Application for a Working Resident Employment Visa (Immigration and Citizenship Services) (ICS)

The processing and approval of the Work Permit and Employment Visa may take approximately 6 - 8 weeks to obtain once we receive the completed documentation in our office.

If the applicant originates from a “High Risk Country” the Visa approval may take up to an additional 4 weeks to approve due to additional security checking procedures followed by ICS.

Applications can not be lodged until all required paperwork is in order.

The Employment Visa Application can not be lodged until the Work Permit is approved.

If Work Permits are required for engineers, those individuals will be required to become a member of the PNG Institute of Engineers.

This may take an additional 10-14 days (engineering staff are required to complete membership forms and provide evidence signed by a JP, of his degree/certificates).

Likewise for other professional occupations – e.g. Accountants will require full PNG CPA membership.

Applications for Work Permits will be required on original forms and certified copies of original certificates with JP signatures and stamps. The PNG authorities are very strict on this.

Hi Hans
I applied for a Diver Trainer Manager. I was told by the employment agency that it was down to me and that the company wanted me to come over to PNG for a visit. I presume to show me what the job entails and to do an interview - I'm not sure I have only spoken to the employment company.
I have just recently sent off a copy of my passport - I don't have a working visa or a visitors visa - just waiting for contact from the company.

Thanks for your ongoing help with information - fingers crossed I will be over in the next week or so and will eventually get a letter of offer - hope to see you on my visit.

Hi Paul,

Hope to see you soon. I am stationed at the Workshop Department here in Lae. Hope you'll like it here.


Hi again Hans,
I'm a bit confused and disappointed at the moment - as you may be aware from my previous messages - I have been going through an employment company called "Employment Office" for the advertised job at iPi Transport. I have been talking to a young lady at the Employment Office and she has been the one that has asked me to send a copy of my licences etc, said to me that I was one of three shortlisted for the job, told me I was the person that iPi would like to fly over to PNG to talk to about the job and said to me that a company representative would call me soon. I have been waiting weeks and weeks for any contact but so far nothing.
I rang this woman at the "Employment Office" again on Monday - she said that iPi was hard to get onto - but she would try to contact them - now its Friday and still no one has contacted me.
I'm wondering if this whole things has been some sort of scam??

As part of my research of iPi as a company to work for - I was looking through iPi's newsletters and found one for the first quarter 2012. It said in one of the articles that they welcomed a driver trainer from New Zealand and he was doing a great job - which made me think WHY are they advertising for a Driver Trainer Manager if they already have a good driver trainer - why not just promote him (unless he has already quit).
To cut this story short - I was wondering if you could discreetly ask around to see if there was really a job on offer. I would appreciate your help - would help me put this whole experience to rest - and put closure (maybe) on my job application if it was a scam of sorts.

Driver/Trainer Manager, Lae
Location: Lae, PNG  Job Type: Full Time
Salary Range: AUD$125,000    Closing Date: 03/10/2013
About the organisation

iPi Transport is the only PNG-based haulage operator which has full ISO 9001-2008 Quality Assurance Certification and this is at the forefront of their extensive suite of professional industry qualifications. They are dedicated and committed industry leaders in specialist bulk fuel and dry cargo movements.

Based in Lae, you’ll find their key administrative centre and experienced logistics personnel who keep them running. It’s also where you’ll find their extensive heavy vehicle maintenance facilities, which provide a total and comprehensive maintenance and repair service from engine and gearbox rebuilds, auto electrics through to complete truck rebuilds.
About the opportunity

iPi Transport has an exciting opportunity for a Driver Trainer/Manager to join their team in Lae, Papua New Guinea on a 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off FIFO arrangement.

In this senior role reporting directly to the General Manager, you will be responsible for all driver training as well as the quality of the drivers.
About the benefits

In return for your hard work, you’ll receive a prestigious remuneration package circa $125,000 AUD! You’ll be on a 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off roster and will also enjoy 4 weeks of additional annual leave. In addition, you’ll be offered a range of spectacular benefits including:

    Modern accommodation and paid utilities;
    Company vehicle supplied;
    Mobile phone;
    4 weeks annual leave;
    Airfares to & from home city, for each leave period;
    Medical coverage and Medivac.

Life in Papua New Guinea offers the expat Aussie an opportunity see and experience cultural and historical events that aren’t available anywhere else in the world.

You can finally hike the Kokoda Trail, go fishing for exotic reef fish in the Solomon Sea or just take in the local sights and sounds at the annual Morobe show; whatever you decide to do, you can be sure it’s an adventure you’ll not soon forget!

Apply Now for a unique opportunity to bring your skills to an exciting and exotic location.

For more information, or to apply, please visit



Applications Close: 03/10/2013
Apply to:

Apply by Email: rebecca.hill[at]

... Got it

Hi Paul:

I pasted the ads and the hiring is real.  I hope it may help you.

Kind regards,


Thanks Richard
I still haven't heard from the company - so I think I have lucked out.

You are welcome Paul.  Hope you can find another company here in Papua New Guinea.

God bless.

Hi, IPI is a trucking company located next to my current work place. The company is responsible for transporting fuel to the highlands of Papau New Guinea and other coastal areas.

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