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Hi there
I would really appreciate some advice with the following:
My family and I are moving to RAK at the end of November with our small dog and 2 cats. As we live in Ireland we will probably stay in a hotel for a couple of weeks while house hunting. Are there pet friendly hotels in RAK or a Kennels/Cattery that they could stay - although we would prefer to be with them, especially my boys as they are only 6 years and 9 years.

Any help with this matter would be gratefully received.

Thank you very much :)

Hi Mo and welcome on expat-blog and in RAK
Unfortunately I really doubt you'll find a pet friendly hotel in RAK but wilk try to inform on this problem.
We do have however several possibilities for boarding which you'll be able to contact if you check out the Business Directory on RAK (left column).

Will keep you posted on hotels if any.

Brilliant - thank you Arlette. I thought the Pet Friendly Hotel would be a bit far fetched as Ireland doesn't have too many either!
I'll contact the boarding.
Thanks again:)

Yes, moreover that we are in a Muslim country here :)

Personally, I can recommend you the RAKAWC which is also a shelter but does boarding and I know for sure animals are wel catered for and well cared and have a nice space to live in.

Will you have transport on arrival?

I'd say take contact with them to see how arrangements can be done to get your pets to them as they are a bit out of the city (I mean they can maybe arrange to collect them from you, not sure but you can ask).

As for the others I don't know the place where they are boarding the pets so cannot give you recommendations

Hope you will find a solution

PS : there is also Pets Oasis

but they are in Umm Al Qwain which might not be very practical for you and moreover the feedback I had on them some time ago was not so good.

Oh and regarding househunting, there are 2 very nice resorts to live in with a very friendly expat community :

Al Hamra Village and
Mina Al Arab

If interested I can give you the names of reliable real estate agent (you've got to watch out cause all of them are not very professional).

HI Arlette

Thank you so much for your advice. We are just starting to plan the move so it is fantastic to get advice and tips from people already living there.
When my husband was out in RAK for interview he went to see Al Hamra and really liked it.
His employer has given us a housing allowance but it is up to us to find the accommodation. My husband thinks we should wait until we get out there to view properties although I would be happy to rent short term 3-6 months so if you didn't like the house you could move. What is your experience Arlette?
Also, I am concerned about leaving my pets too long in kennels as they are not used to it. My boys will be grand as they will love staying in a hotel - as will I!!

If you could point me in the direction of reputable estate agents I would be most grateful.

Many thanks Arlette and I really appreciate your help.

Kind Regards

Hi Maureen,

I have investigated a bit more and found out that apparently two hotels accept pets but they are located in Dubai and still it will be better to contact them to double check :

one is the Grand Hyatt Dubai Residence
Contact Nova Tompodung nova.tompodung (at)

and the other is World Trace Centre Appartments

Hope this helps

Dear Mo43, there's a new dog boarding facility due to open next month in RAK called Homely Petz, worth having a look at. I also highly recommend RAKAWC who I boarded my 2 cats with for 3 weeks in the summer, they were well looked after and played with every day by the staff. If you have facebook, check out the sites along with Al Hamra page. Best of luck with your forthcoming move.

I am always double checking the information in my possession and if I didn't cite Homely Petz (of whom I was fully aware) it's only because after contacting them for more information, they replied that they are actually not ready yet to board pets in Ras Al Khaimah and they gave me details on home petsitting!

Moreover, the farm where they intend to board the pets seems to be in the middle of nowhere which would not be practical for them.

I have updated my message of 28/8 with an information on another kennel in Umm Al Qwain.

Hi Maureen,

You can find the details of both kennels advised in the Business Directory

and this is the direct link to RAKAWC

Hope this helps

Does depend on where you are staying in RAK as from Al Hamra vicinity both RAKAWC and Homely Petz are both approx 30minutes drive and both are in the middle of nowhere :-) Homely Petz is a new facility due to open in October for boarding and is located towards RAK airport.

Thank you all very much for the information. I will book them into RAKAWC as soon as my dates are confirmed.
Thanks again:)

I'm sure you won't regret it Maureen. They are really doing a very good job there. You can refer me if you wish when booking (Arlette the "mom" of Mandy!)

Hi Arlette
I've booked the animals into RAKAWC and I am very much relieved to have that done. I am going to volunteer with them also when I move out as that is what I do here in Dublin and previously London so all good:)
Thanks again for your help and advice.

Hi Maureen,

I'm sure you will not regret it! They really are fantastic!

See you soon then.

My husband  and i recently moved to al hamra village from canada, and we are shipping our dog shortly. But im looking for  someone to look after our dog while were away at work, or even if there is a dog walker int he area, I have seen a few? If anyone has any info please let me know.

Hi Sammara and welcome in AH Village and of course!
Yes there is such service in RAK. They are called Homely Petz Walkeez, I believe.

I will search their information and inbox you.

Of course, I don't know the quality of their service. You will have to get in touch with them and see for yourself!

thank you for the reply, also have a few more questions, has anyone applied for an import permit through as im having troubles with it and if someone could guide me and help me with it would be greatly appreciated.

also does anyone know where i can find a part time maid? maybe 3 times a week?


Dear Sammara
If the import permit is for your pets I suggest you go onto the bin kitty facebook group where there are members of all nationalities who have bought their pets into UAE.
For a part time maid you can advertise on Jobs in RAK facebook group or use this link:!forum/rak-expats
Best wishes

Dear Sammara,

You could have a look at the documents filed in my dropbox which will give you full information on such a service. They have all been downloaded from; one of the companies specialized in import/export of pets.

There are of course other companies doing this.

The services of such companies include the procurement of the import permit.

One of my friends recently used their services to import her cat and - although costing a bit of money - spared her a lot of time and headache by taking care of everything for her.

As regards the hiring of a maid especially only 3 times a week, there are several companies around Al Hamra Village outsourcing maids/housboys on a hourly basis. If interested I will forward you the contacts so you can send them an email to get their ratings (usually around 25 AED per hour.

You must know that it is totally forbidden and punishable by law to hire a maid without sponsoring her for a visa (which is not reasonable if you only need the person a few hours a week) and I do not advise you to hire on this basis as it might cost you a lot of money.

So the best option is to use the services of one of those companies. Only thing is they all want to send 2 persons to your house. For example, you say I want someone 4 hours x 3 times a week, they want to send you 2 people 2 hours x 3 times a week. I totally refused as I want only 1 person.

Hope this helps


I am interested in getting information about companies to ship my 3 dogs with me to Rak.  I am looking to move there.  Can they go in the hold on the plane with you or do you need to hire a company?

Thank you in advance.


Hello Shannon,

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Luckily for you, you can read the article Moving to the United Arab Emirates with your pet where you will find all the information that you require.


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