Looking for friends in Guinea.

Looking for friends in Guinea.

Hi and welcome to the forum Alek421!

Maybe you could introduce yourself?



When did you arrive and how long are you here?  Are you here for work?


I'll be in Conakry on September, Working as Economic adviser in agricultural investment company.

Je suis un jeune guinéen de 24 ans je suis dispo pour une a,itié ou pour une correspondance.

Hello boubacar907--> As this is an english speaking forum, it would be great, if you could post your message in english, so that the other members of the forum could understand what you're saying.


Karen :)

hi ...
I am a young 24 years of Guinea I am available for a friendship or a match.

Salut, don't you mind beeing your friend?
I am a Guinean, in filed of education.

Hi Rose,

Hope you are well, i am Lloyd, i will be relocating from Mauritius to Guinea in two weeks time, i wish to meet some of the expats there, i am taking up a position as workshop Manager for a British firm as its a major project and i wish to get a lot of information on how you people go around there.

Best regards



Sounds good, let me know when you arrive.  My email is a.****.  Good luck with the move!

Hi Rose,

Many thanks for your quick response, for sure i shall make contacts with you once i am there, my mail is [email protected]

Best regards,

Hi All
My name is Abdoulaye and I am Senegalese teacher of English and Freelance translator and Interpreter. Next week from monday 26th August 2013 I am travelling to Conakry Guinea inchalah. I would like to meet up with other expatriates to share and exchange if possible. Thanks and all the best

hello !

my name is Mohamed Aliou.
looking for friends. so if your interested in it, . this is my number : 664-74-98-68

OK, I will call you

Welcome in Conakry, in which neighbourhood do you live and where do you work?
I'm a piano and school teacher and working as an English teacher at a French school in Conakry.
Since I more or less know only French speaking people here, it would be nice to meet.

Cheers and maybe till soon,


hai friends from guinea

Hi Rose,
Its good to here from you, well I am here for a year and on a 3 months rotation, my cell number is 620638352, I am leaving in Kipe and working for a UK firm, LODI centre, I hope to get your call and we could meet for a chat.

best regards,

You are welcome. I am currently in Dakar and will be back to Guinea in One week. So when are you going to Guinea

Hi Marritdas,
I am in Dakar and will be back to Conakry within one week and will it be great to meet you. But please note, I am a french speaker like you. I am a guinean.

Hi Goodwin!

helllo how are you my french call me [Modéré: utilisez la messagerie privée svp] thanck you

i will love to meet with a friend from guinea to share nice experience with

hello it my pleasure writing to you just wishing to say i really love your swag and i was wondering if we could be friends. thanks and hope to here from you

Hi I hope y'all having great time ....... M looking for friends or mate ...... Do please anybody knows how to get invitation in turkey ....... M highly interested moving to turkey

welcome i am here my phone number is +22***


How are you !

I am new here in Conakry and living here to some business development. I would like to know your comfort for being in communication as decent friend, I am available on +224 ***

Please do let me know your comfort.

Thanking you,


i fine thank my number is +224 62***

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ok my number is 622**ou 66**

Hello Rose,

How are you !

It nice to know that you are in Conakry and you are also vegetarian. I am also vegetarian.  It will be nice to be in communication with you, if comfortable for you. I am here in Conakry since past 4 weeks and seeking friends. I would be glad to read from you about your comfort in this regard please.

Warm regards,


Hello Friends !!! how is treating you today ! My best wishes for all the members here !


Hello I will be in Guinea Conakry next week from the 12th of October, I am looking forward to meeting friend who assist in getting to the best of the city and Universities


Hello are you Still in Guinea Conakry?


Hello I am looking for friends in Guinea Conakry

Hello those who are looking for freinds in guinea conakry am ready to guide you all and make you visiting the whole country free of charge and safety because me too i want to get freinds from other countries.

Feel free to contact.


Hello my dear.

Welcome here.

@Sory Zenab

Thank you brother. Reach out to me on whatsapp, ***

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Hello, Coming to Conakry in 5days to come. If you are still living and living in Conakry Guinea, It would be a pleasure to meet you. Reach out to me on whatsapp number:+***

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Hi is hadja bah

How are your ?

I'm guinea conakry now

I search for job house clearing housekeeppi