In search of an interpreter

Dear esteemed colleagues,

I am a Doctoral candidate of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program of the University of Ibadan Nigeria. I am currently investigating the strength of civil society organizations in consolidating peace in Guinea Conakry.

I therefore hope to travel to Guinea Conakry for primary data collection. As a non French speaker, i intend to enlist the services of an interpreter who is bilingual i.e understands both French and English and WHO is resident in Conakry.

I will appreciate any useful suggestions; recommendations or contacts in this direction.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Good morning dagogo and welcome to!

You could check out the Interpreter job offers in Guinea Conakry section and post your offer, hope it helps!



Dear Francesca,

Thanks for the suggestion. I have already posted the offer on the suggested site and hope it will yield positive result.

I sincerely appreciate your concern.

All best to you

helle my name is mamady kadjo fofan i have studied in english here in guinea and i'm graduated if you search a translator in conakry i can help you.and i live in conakry.thanks