I can see many people living in Conakry but... in Kankan or Fanara?
I've been offered to moved with my wife and work there for a construction company and...I have no idea about Guinea?!!

Thank you.

hi Omartinc are you already in guinee(kankan) or you still in span? if no yet let talk about Kankan i'm from guinea.


go for it. it is interesting to say the least.
Don't know if your wife will like it though, be bold accept the culture it's life changing.

Sorry for answer you so late. I didnŽt accept that offer. So, IŽm still in Spain. After talking to some people from the company some issues seemed not enough guaranteed (security, health care...). May be itŽs only in my mind but itŽs a great life change. But IŽm thinking about it again (spanish situation is so bad...)

totally agree with you there. West Africa is moving forward. I am an Australian living and working in Guinea now. The opportunities here are many. With the current situation in Europe the focus for investment especially from mining houses and the Chinese is in West Africa. It is something to seriously consider.

How is the place Kankan to live for expats? Do the have proper infrastructre,water and electricity?

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