Looking for someone to support from Dhaka

Hello Arunthia, We are singapore based firm looking for someone to support from Dhaka initially for project work, based on performance we arrange to visit singapore. Let me know is there any blogs/forms  where i can have good network of bangladesh professionals. thanks

Hi Dina,

What type/s of professionals u r looking for? Ot would be nice if you could give some idea on the types of project/activities that you are going to take up. Bangladesh is a country full of different types of professionals.


Saiful Paiker

We are looking for Marketing professional
With good communication & negotiation skills.


i am into marketing area as well. what is your product line?


We are in to Media/Marketing/Event management.
If you are interested send your resume to MD[at]mateosystems.com

Hello kumargr8.

Could you please post an advert in the Looking for section (Business partners) in the Dhaka classfieds? :)

Thank you,

I am Sapan an Indian working on a senior position in Bangladesh. Can be of help to promote companies in this country.


Yes, I am willing to provide you support from Dhaka,Bangladesh.

Please write me in details - what kind of support you do need.



(moderated: please post your ad in the Dhaka classifieds > looking for business partner section. Thanks)

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