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Hello expat-blog members,

I'm looking for a security guard job in Malta so...

I would like to ask you guys, does anyone one knows about security jobs in Malta? Do i need to get security license or its just a priority? And if/or anyone works there as security guard how much can you earn a week or month?

I will appreciate any answers.

spookily enough i was talking to the security man in a well known local cash and carry and he was saying the pay is extremely low and they treat you like not really recommended  - and he is a maltese national....

You will need the Security License but you can also get this in Malta.  Security Jobs you can get but as Toon said the Wage is a bit low.

Yup i found where i can get security license:

Is it minimum or bit more then that?

could even be less.....illegal but it happens....

o wow thats sad in my case bcoz I got 4 years experience... So I think I should look for other jobs then...

Thank you all for your replies...

it may not be the norm but there is so much "black" labour (and i dont mean of african or asian extraction) just people who will gladly work for cash in hand.....rather than pay tax and SSC to be legal.... and there are just as many companies who will do it....sadly this is the case here on this island..

In that case, I guess is companies who recruits people only with license who work legally in Casinos or Hotels. etc...

And what about the criminal record check? If i have a criminal record in uk for a fight in a street can they find out it in malta ?

although a police check isnt always required cetain occupations do require it and this may be one of them. It is indeed possible that this information could be passed (its getting tighter on benefits checks and taxation etc - probably one of the reasons for the new e-Residency permits.) but am not sure how or if it really happens or how diligently its performed

Hi saunorius,

if you have a criminal record in the UK (EU) it will be difficult to get a job anywhere in the EU.

Even without checks you have to sign that there are no criminal proceeedings against you. If you sign no it is fraud- if you sign yes it is a problem !

It is not a matter of finding out ! Lies have short legs .


Hi Ricky,

Yup I know that. It was like 3 years ago. Don't know for how long does it last, someone said around 5 years ?

saunorius wrote:

Hi Ricky,

Yup I know that. It was like 3 years ago. Don't know for how long does it last, someone said around 5 years ?

Here you go mate......

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

Gives an insight as to how long before a conviction becomes spent.....however, there will be jobs that you could apply for that will be exempt this and you would have to declare it anyway.

Good Luck


As far as the UK goes you are right into my area of expertise here.

IN THE UK..................

The length of time for which a sentence is 'live' is dependant upon the sentence passed not the offence. However, it all depends upon how the question is worded as to whether one has to declare the sentence or not.

Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, a person with a criminal record is not required to disclose any spent convictions unless the position they are applying for, or are currently
undertaking, is listed as an exception under the act

Employers are permitted to check and some occupations require what used to be referred to as CRB checks 'criminal records bureau' vetting. The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) have merged into the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) - CRB checks are now called DBS checks.
See here: … ng-service

Depending upon the type of employment then the level at which records are checked varies. Normally, employers aren’t allowed to ask job applicants about spent convictions, but for jobs that need a DBS check this rule doesn’t apply.

For the types of jobs that do require vetting see here: … idance.pdf

If one lies and is later found to have done so then one is liable  to criminal proceedings.

For a more recent explanation of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act see here: … enders.pdf


It appears that searches of International Criminal records may be undertaken on Malta. Also it appears that one usually has to provide a Certificate of Conduct to an employer, should they require it.
Apparently this is done by applying to the Criminal Records Office in Floriana:

Malta Police General Headquarters
CMR 02
Telephone: 00356 2294 2667/8
Fax: 00356 2124 2223
E-mail: [email protected]

I have extracted this information from: … arch09.pdf

Page 20 refers to it applies to UK persons seeking employment in Malta.

One could draw inferences that similar will apply to Lithuanian Nationals seeking employment in Malta, being part of the EU.

Immigrants, even those with EU citizenship, are required to apply for a work permit. This exception to EU law was agreed upon before accession to safeguard the Maltese labour market.

I can find nothing about a Certificate being required, in general terms, but certificates are required for certain employment including taxi driving and these can be withdrawn upon conviction in a Maltese Court.

Interestingly also for application for permanent residence a Criminal conduct certificate (showing no previous convictions) for applicant (and for his wife and children over 14 years if any) – originals issued by a state authority, is required.

Just to say as an aside: when I worked in the 'system' in the UK I was not able to check criminal records of Lithuanian and other foreign nationals before working with them after conviction in court, so I never knew what risk existed so any assessment by me was not fully evidenced.

Thank you all guys for your replies, was very helpful!

I work for a security company in malta and the pay and conditions are poor I work 12 hour shifts but only get payed for 11.5 becuase I get a half hour break apparantly but I work on my own and I'm nt allowed to leave my post at any time (figure that out lol) and I also get payed below minimum wage I dnt currently hold the license but still work security. I tried to get a police conduct check but wasn't able to as you have to supply proof of adress utility bill etc and have lived at the adress for 12 mnths and it has to be a uk adress! So do it before you arrive. I am only working with this company the now till something better comes up. I didn't wpend 5 years in the army with operational tours in afghanistan to spend my days underpayed standing in a supermarket but you take what you can get at the time. Its not ideal but it is enough to pay my bills as I work a 60 plus hour week(with no overtime payed) but hey its malta! If you need any other information pm me

6327farag wrote:

I didn't wpend 5 years in the army with operational tours in afghanistan to spend my days underpayed standing in a supermarket but you take what you can get at the time. Its not ideal but it is enough to pay my bills as I work a 60 plus hour week(with no overtime payed) but hey its malta!

That's the attitude!!!
And yes you deserve better.
But with your usual service attitude you get on with it.
You improvise, modify, adapt, overcome.


Just a thought, have you tried the airport?

They are advertising at the moment the pay per mnth(750) is less than I get currently receive but I'm guessing the 750 is for a 40 hour week so with overtime I could earn what I do now. And I'm willing to bet they will pay more for overtime. Its defiantly something I'm looking into.

I'm still getting used to this civvy marlarky I'm used to just going where and when I'm told  :D

6327farag wrote:

I'm still getting used to this civvy marlarky I'm used to just going where and when I'm told  :D

.....and it may stay with you for a long time to come mate.  I still dream about my past life (and I've been out 10 years now) - not that it's a bad Mick says it gives you that 'positive' attitude that helps people overcome.

Good luck


After my 23 years and even though I was as fully prepared for 'civvy street' as I thought I could be, having started my preparations 3 years before discharge, it caught me unawares.
I also had to do more adjustment than I thought I ever had to.
Some people leave thinking that the world owes them a living.
We know that is definitely not so.
The VERY best of luck and I hope that perhaps, sometime, we can have a few scoops together, sit on a sandbag, swing the tilley lamp and put the world to rights.

Just a thought, we could arrange an ex-service persons, ex-pat get together. Especially later in the year, when I know some others could join us :)

Iv only been out 2 months I can still feel the itch of my greens on my skin and the taste of corn beef has is still firmly implanted in my pallet haha.

Sounds good to me mik. Got to say so far so good but its a double edged sword I enjoy the freedom but sometimes I still crave that little bit of discipline and organisation of witch this company seems to have none but like I said that's malta

Hi there, I need some general advice if possible and I really thank you in advance for any help you can give me. I am looking to relocate to Malta and am thinking of working in the insurance industry as I am currently on the fringe of insurance work in the U.K (claims sign ups, investigtion work and assesing claims) The problem is I have been up for good jobs with two massive U.K insurance companies and got through to the final interview stage with both companies only to lose out as I have two offences on my criminal record (common assault due to an incident on a night out) the offences were about 3 years ago. I have tried to move on from the stupidity of that night but find it difficult to get a job when disclosing my CRB. I am a very good worker with great knowledge of the industry and this seems to be my only sticking point with employers for good career type jobs. If I were to start fresh in Malta does anyone know if I would need to undertake CRB checks or would I be judged on my skills and how I conduct myself at the interview. If you can help me as I am very confused as to where I would stand on relocation, thanks Dan

Hi everyone

im living in London and hold a cctv and door supervisor SIA security licence and im planning to move to Malta.

The question is:
will be my licences valid to work as security officer in any maltese security company?
What about the wages? Will be enough to rent a small flat and live?


You have to apply for your Malta licences see here: … =10519&l=1

There are also other hoops to jump through before you can start in that business. As for earnings? Who knows? What do you want? What are you looking for? What's your standard of living.

I know one other person who started to go this way for work out here. I don't know if he made it but try contacting 6327farag on here.

If you are looking for security work maybe best to avoid "local" qualifications that do not transfer outside the country you get them in.

Look for MCA, City & Guilds, SIA etc - local college courses are not so easily accepted worldwide.  A few of my friends in the UK went to Train2Survive (run by former military) in Plymouth and walked into jobs very quickly after completing their courses.

They can do courses locally if you can arrange a group - speak to them. I saw one of their instructors running a firearms course in the USA, that guy was amazing, blisteringly FAST and ACCURATE - and no egotrip either!!

Good luck,

Hi Tom, you are absolutely correct!
And even though this thread is a little old, from April 2013 and just in case anyone is aspiring to CP or other Security work, not just on Malta but also applies here, then they should know how essential it is to check the credentials of any training establishment and its staff. There is one particular 'gentleman', of whom I am aware, linked to several training agencies (one on Malta) who is a fake and a conman.

Any courses should be checked as providing relevant and accredited recognition of achievement.

Cheers redmik,

Yes I see it's an old thread but sometimes you just want to say your bit about how things are.

I would love to know who the cowboys are but appreciate that it's not always possible / wise to post such things on forums - feel free to PM me in confidence.

I have heard that Malta has a few con men cloning peoples names. A bit like those domain companies who scam people by saying someone is trying to book their (your) name, do you want to buy it!  And of course it will be at a premium!

Another scam I was told about is in Maritime Security. Seemingly people who hold a current certificate in XYZ are being told that they MUST sit the same course with a prospective employer to get the SOP'S of the job WHAT??!!   

Surely SOP's etc are part of your job description, they don't as far as I know come under any "course" that people are forced to take.  Seemingly it is not unusual for people to hold the same ticket 3 or 4 times as they move from Company to Company and get the same scam forced upon them. That is just WRONG and ripping people off.

What I feel is really bad is that people who are forced to do this probably haven't been working for a while and to find the same scam and money again must be galling for them - but what choice do they have?

I will PM you.


Yes, in Malta you need a license to do the security job hope this helps

rexlucky wrote:


Yes, in Malta you need a license to do the security job hope this helps

The post you referred to is from two years ago.

oops i didn't check the date :)

Hey farag,

Have a nice day im new here, im just curious about security or survillance(cctv operation)
, do you have any idea about this matter....Thanks

Beat regards!


The post Farag put on here was three years ago!

Ah ok do you any idea about gozomo mentioned above. Thanks

Stranger07092016 wrote:

Ah ok do you any idea about gozomo mentioned above. Thanks

I assume you mean about security jobs, then the answer is no!

Yeah, thanks, if you have any idea can you inform me please.Thanks gozomo. God bless!

keep looking in the times of malta paper and other job sites, i have seen various security jobs in their recently  good luck

Thanks michelle appreciate it.

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