Do you know a way to find an apartment for rent in Col 4, 5 and 6 area

One of my friends in the search for an apartment for rent within Colombo 4, 5 & 6 areas...

Tried with the local news papers, online real estate listings but found nothing...

Is there a way or can anybody suggest a method to find a decent unit...

PM me for the requirements...

Sometimes back we have came across with a unit at Span Tower - Kinross Avenue... Found to be a decent and economical one... Trying to find something neat and tidy for 12 - 24 months period...

Hi zeejay, have you tried to post an advert in the section Housing in Colombo? It may help.


Not yet Harmonie! Forum found to be much more active than the advert section :)

Hi Zeejay!
Look at the   and
Or else buy The Sunday Times newspaper . It has a lot of ads of appartments.
Hope this helps.


@KasunD, Nothing available on those! Fake agents are manipulating the prices a lot. Normal 3 Bed AC with very old furniture and electronics rated at 80K in Colombo 6. No ACs. No sanitation, ventilation, rarely cleans the premises.

Try these ones

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Hey there. Have you found one alreadY?

Hi there.

Let me help you look for the apartment I just moved in with two nigerians myself.

there are some very good realtors in Colombo who can assist you to find a suitable place within your budget. They deal directly with the owners of the apartments or the management of the building.

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