Homeschooling in Sri Lanka


I was wondering if home schooling was allowed in Sri Lanka?

Thank you


I need to learn about it too... Is there any one knows about it???

hi- sorry i am late to the party. to my knowledge, home schooling is allowed. i had an ex colleague that home schooled his two children. as to the curriculum, accreditation, teachers, etc. i do not know much. but can find out.

Hi I am Delani, yes i was home schooled yes it can be done in Sri Lanka looking at having my 2 kids home school as well.
Thaere are a few things you need to be aware of if u want to do this so let me know

I m coming to Sri Lanka end of this month! Could you give me more details about homeschooling and curriculums which accept by Sri Lanka! And do i need register to my kids any where or do they need to take a test or what?!?
Thank you so much for your help

Hi Delani, I would like to homeschool my boy who is 7 years old. Do you know if there are groups of parents that homeschool here in Colombo? It would be such a great help not only to share experience but also to facilitate the socializing of the children. I would also like to know what are the things I should be aware of, you mentioned in your post. thank you very much

Hi Silvia. Welcome to Sri Lanka! My name is Renuka and I teach English as well. But I would love to talk to you about/ show you around/ Sri Lanka. I left employment in an international organisation in Sri Lanka, to set up my own communications business I have shown several expat friends around my country, and have also been to several cities in Italy, including Venice. Am a top contributor on Tripadvisor - just to give you some authenticity as to my credentials. My mail is xxx. Do mail if you need any more information

Enjoy your stay!

best wishes


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Yes it is Caroline... just not so easy to find good teachers


Dear Delanie,

I wonder if you could give me more details about Home Schooling in Sri Lanka.
I have 2 kids who are in Year 5 and 4 and would like to continue giving them home-schooling, and how could they register to do their O/L and A/L one day??

If you could send me a reply to my personal email xxxx would greatly appreciate!!

With my best regards!!


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Home schooling is not allowed in Sri Lanka as a prospect generally.

Hi Pubudu,

Much appreciated your reply!!

Yes I was thinking the same according to our educational system I have never heard such thing..

Kind regards!!


Hi Priya,

Yes, there is a lot to develop in terms of education and the system. it's a good tendency of getting some language education those who are native in those languages as well.

if you are in SL, please inbox me your contact details have a good time for you all.

What to be aware of

If you are foreign you can pretty much do what you would like. I have known two foreign families who homeschool and none has ever said anything. There children were actually in school for the first year they were here but then they decided to homeschool. Boy- I think she is really regretting it.

Need some information on home schooling.
My children are 11 years and 3years. Both are going to school now but I'm considering homeschool.

Would appreciate if I can get some help in how it works.



yes, but in accordence to sri lankan law, children under age of 18, cannot be used for labour. They require to attend school

I am very much interested can you please give me some details

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We moved from Canada,we are looking options  home schooling for my daughter currently on grade 5

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Hi Dilani

I could use your help, I am seriously considering home schooling my kids. I am currently clueless on how to get started.

Appreciate your support


please let me know more about homeschooling in srilanka

Hi can i get info for home schooling in colombo? I have 2,5 years daughter.. i tried to join her in american press school ,but unfortunatelly after sometime she is refused to go to school.. and crying everytime we mention about school.. so we decided not sto send her again at least now. And mean while me and my husband thinking to try home schooling for her... I appriciate if anybody can share rhe info about home schooling in colombo.

Ia fazal

Any body interested home schooling  in sri Lanka ?

As to my knowledge there is a mandatory 13 year education in SL. And there is a certain amount of presence policy for take yearly examination to climb up grades.
Home schooling may exist under the authority of ministry of education for kids who have another citizenship for instance kids of diplomats or for kids who have another valid reason.
I do not think it is that hard to find tutors for home schooling either but a kid has to have certificates from a valid authority for further higher education. A certificate from a tutor has no value at all.

Avenues in Dehiwala ***

I'm in Colombo. Can you recommend a very good  Mathematics teacher to Teach my kids ( 14 and 16).

Hi, Since I am not living in the country right now I have no direct contact with any tutor. Please check on these sites I hope you will find a good tutor. All the best! … ;fk_subjec … e=for_sale

Hi I’m also looking to homeschool my 10 & 8 year olds. Any groups, suggestions, ect? Thanks

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