Looking for friends in FOSHAN !!!!

Hi !
I come to Foshan next week to live and work and want to find friends to hang out with !!!!!

Hi Samara! Ping me

hi i'm at nanhai, welcome here and feel free to contact me.

Please email to me if you come to Zhuhai or Macau.....

welcome, Samara, i am sarah in Foshan, love to talk about foshan with you.

hi are you still at foshan ? , i´m living and working here since the last week and i dont have any friends yet, if you can give some tips for living in here it would be great. hope to have any news from you.


Hi Indavadi. I'll be living in Nanhai too this January,
Maybe we could have a beer some time.

Hi, I am Eddy, from Mexico. Im living in Foshan now. If there are still some foreigners or chineze interested in being friends let me know.

Im also looking for a nice football team here to play soccer.

Cheers. Have a marvelous week.


hey gal,
i live in foshan as well! which district do u live in? i live in the shunde district so not exactly in the city n i m currently study in zhuhai
anyway im a local here if ur interested we can hangout sometimes


Are u in FS now?
DT from down under

Hey. My name is Valentina and I just moved in Foshan (Shunde). So i looking for a company to go around or at least advice about nice places to visit and so on :) Cheers!

this is deb and recently study in zhuhai BUT will be back in shunde after June so text me if u r interested xoxoxo

Hey! I am in Foshan too! let's hangout sometimes guys. I get car here so i can drive

hi there; it's awesome .
I am a contonese now live in foshan, sometime feel a little bored here. If you wanna got a tour guide here feel free to contact me; we can hangout to a bar or somewhere interesting. Even we can take a bike trip or play football together.

Hi, just moved to Foshan as well and, well, I'm a bit bored. I live in Nanhai and it is kind of boring without knowing anyone. Well hope someone sees this.

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