Ill be moving to Denizli on 21st March 2010 - Just wondered if anyone knows anyone who speaks english or who is english that has moved there.  Everyone i come across seems to be in the Istanbul area!  Be nice to know Im not too alone :)  Well i will have my fiance but if there are any others in my situation it would be great! :)  Has anyone else found it really hard to leave their family?  I dont know if its just me or just the pre - moving jitters.  Any advice would be much appreciated.


Gule Gule :)

Hi, I know it's been 5 years since you posted, but I only came across this post recently! I'm from Singapore, living in Denizli Turkey and I have been here for 2 years now :) I'm married to a Turkish too :) I have  been looking to make some expat friends and it's almost impossible to find any in Denizli until I came across your post. My Turkish is very basic and I still am unable to find any Turkish language schools here. Do you know of any? And are you still living in Denizli?

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Welcome on board  :cheers:

As you said,  this thread is old and inactive and I doubt you get respond from the op.

I hope you are able to find some friends, you can expand it easily here on the forum by participating on several threads or creating new topics.

Maybe you have luck to find a institute to learn the language, check out the classified or the business section in the green banner above the page. 
If not you can always looking for an exchange language partner.

Good luck.

Thanks for the info! Will try my luck :)

Welcome to the forum Nasstasha,

In addition to suggestions by Primadonna, you can also try networking section to find English speaking members.

Hopefully this will be helpful

Good luck

Hi Natasha!   I am American living in Pamukkale for about 4 years. I know the OP and she has since moved back to the UK. Where are you in Denizli. My email is ***
Hope to hear from you soon

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Hi Nasstasha, Bree, and all other experts in Denizli!

I'm an American living in Paris, France, but I plan on moving to Denizli in a few months with my fiance. Would you all be interested in sharing any of your wisdom on life in Denizli and perhaps job opportunities for foreigners with very limited Turkish capabilities??
Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 😊😊😊

Hi!  I go back and forth between the US and Pamukkale (right outside of Denizli center). I'll be back January 6th. I have a 3.5 year old daughter.
I don't work so I don't have any info in that, but my Turkish is pretty good. My boyfriend is a travel agent.
I know TED college (k-12) is normally always looking for teachers

Is your fiancé from Denizli?  My email is xxx
Speak soon!

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Hi Brie!

Sorry for the late response! I'm still new to the community and  need to get used to checking in more regularly.
My fiance is Turkish from Istanbul, but lives in Izmir now, so Denizli will be new for both of us. I work in Marketing and Brand Management for the hospitality sector, so I'm looking at some of the hotels and resorts for work, but I'm not so sure how interested they are in someone that doesn't really speak Turkish :(

Unfortunately the moderators have blocked your email so I can't see it. Maybe you could shoot me a message? I tried to figure out how to send you one but perhaps I'm slow as I can't find the option lol

That's great that you move around! Your daughter gets to have the best of both worlds :) Where are you the rest of the year?

Speak  soon :)

Hello Denizli friends
I'm Originally from the UK but live and work in Ankara at the moment but seriously considering moving to Denizli in the next couple of  months .
Wondering if anyone can explain which are the best areas to live in Denizli and if there is an expat community living and best way to meet them ?
Also If anyone knows of any companies in the textile industry or other Denizli export companies looking for personnel with experience of this who speak English? Alternatively schools looking for English teachers?
Any suggestions appreciated
Thank you

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