Any Asian living in Kenya?


I am a Singaporean relocating to Kenya.
Would like to get to know more asians living in kenya.

Any advice on living and travelling in kenya is much appreciated too. Safety is my main concern. 



There are several Asians in Nairobi - Indians have been here for generations. I've also seen the Chinese expat population grow due to several infrastructure projects being sponsored by the Chinese govt.

You can go throw the forum archives to get a sense of living in Kenya. PM for any further queries.


thejoker is right

welcome to Nairobi
You will find way too many asians/indians here..including all the generic trappings like Indian food, temples etc etc
Asians are primarily found in three categories:
A lot of asians are now Natives: Been here ages, speak swahili/gujarati/punjabi/hindi/english, own a lot of businesses, dont mix around much with others, including asians.

You will also find a lot of asian expats.

Parklands and Westlands are asian hubs so to speak. But if you wish to avoid all that (You cant possibly travel so many miles from home to again hang all the time with the same bunch!), try out milimani, lavington and hurlingham as good places to stay.

Life in Nairobi is great. Just take basic precuations, and you will be fine.

Nairobi is home to an eclectic bunch of expats from 100s of countries, so it is an experience in itself w.r.t. exposure to varied cultures et al.

HI xoxo,
I'm a Singaporean as well, will be visiting Nairobi on biz June / July 2010.

I would not mind meeting up to understand more about the city....

Let me know if you're interested, email me at shaun_777[at]

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