Looking for Friends in Seoul!

Hello everyone!
I am a Canadian and have been working at a hagwon in Gangseo-gu, Seoul (near Gimpo) for about four months. I am interested in getting to know some new people and make some new friends that are outside of the "hagwon bubble". I'm female and 22.

I'd love to do some touristy things, go shopping or go out for drinks or dinner. Let me know if you're interested!

Hello erikao1o,

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

Thank you for your introduction.

I am sure you will make lots of new contacts here.

All the best,

^^ Hello! Were do you live in Seoul? I live in Daechi and I'd love to meet up and do things after work/weekends!

Definitely let me know!

Hello Chickadee.

Christine forms part of the Expat.com Team and is from Mauritius Island. ;)


Chickadee, check your inbox I message you my contact information! :)

Hi Erika

I'm also in Seoul arriving in two weeks, as I will be working as an English teacher.  I'm in Nowon-Gu.
I'd love to make friends with people as it's my first time in South Korea. I am a female.
If you're interested in being friends, just let me know :-)

Hi Erika,
How is your life going on in Korea?
I am also in Seoul and would like to meet up with other expats.
if you would like to meet someone from other parts of the world, feel free to contact.
have a good time.

Hi Erika,

Any chance you speak French? Tons of plans to hang out in a very dynamic French speaking group.

Otherwise, welcome to Seoul and best of luck with finding things to do around town.

Take care,



I would love to meet up with you when you get here! For some reason I can't private message you. Do you have that function turned off? I can send you the link to my facebook via private message.

Hello erikao1o. :)

You should read this thread on Anti spam system & new rules : https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=23238

It will explain how to unlock your private messages.

Thank you,

Hi Erika... Would be nice to see you... Hopefully  we can meet on first week of january...

Hi everyone. I am in the same situation. Looking for some friends in Seoul. This is embarrasing because it´s the first time I look for "friends" lol... Any way, You look nice and kind so I need who speak english pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. lol:(

Mary Ann 1986 :

Hi everyone. I am in the same situation. Looking for some friends in Seoul. This is embarrasing because it´s the first time I look for "friends" lol... Any way, You look nice and kind so I need who speak english pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. lol:(

im looking for  venezuelan  friend who  could  give me advice
about trip  to venezuela;)
i just  sentu message
plz  let  me  know  if  u r  fond of  it
thanks :)

Hey mate,

I am Korean born Australian.
Initially started my life in Seoul teaching English, currently working as a finance officer now.

I speak Korean, English and a bit of Singlish :)

Will be very good if I can join you shopping around and travelling around.

Hi, Erika?
Good to see you here.
I live nearby hongdae. It's mapo-gu, east side of kangseo-ku.
I'm a local. So if you have any question about korea, feel free to ask. Have a nice day.

hi there,
How are you getting on there?am moving to Gimpo next month, im irish....looking for info ,advice/friendly meet up!,thanks,Aoife

Hey! I am korean but born Canadian! I am pretty easy going who is crazy about hockey. I mean, c'mon, I am from Canada. I am up for anything if anyone is interested! Give me a shout! Not too sure if age is important here but if anyone is wondering, I am 26! Cheers!

hi Erika....gimpo is just a few stations from mok dong.. wish we could hang out sometime..take care!

If anyone is interested in meeting up my email is e***, contact me there!

Will be in Seoul 23rd Feb, will send you an email when there.Look forward to meeting to meeting other travelers,

see ya


Yes would love to meet up and have a look around :)
Dont have a phone atm but will be inSeoul this weekend, Saturday:)



email me if you would like to meet up Aoife! My email is ***

meet up? group meet up? do you want to meet someone especially someone new also in this place? maybe we can make a group.

Hi everyone,

I'm Thomas, 25, come from Paris and I just arrived in Seoul one week ago. I'll stay here for six months and am looking for some friends in Seoul.
I live near Yeoksam station, near Gangnam :).
Please do not hesitate contacting me (***)

Hi Erika ?

How are you doing ?

I just found your message on the board, and I would love to meet you and all the other expats for friendship !

Please let me know when any meet up takes place ?

Take Care everyone ~:)

Hello everyone, I will be coming to Seoul from Ulsan on April 5th- 7th before flying back to Indonesia. I would like to have people to explore the city with. Please PM me if you are interested. I will be trying out lots of street food for sure!

Wow so many people on this post live in the gimpo area! That includes me! My name is Paul I've been living in Seoul for 2+ years now and i know city fairly well. If you wanna hang out or go for a drink toss me your contact info at [***]

Oh almost forgot to mention I'm 25 and from Canada!

Hi there,
whats your name?I could add you on facebook!


I would like to know new friends and business people.

Like to know about u
Am planing to come to Seoul on end of next month to start a new business,
if u have and any idea please let me know
My mail; ***

Hello everyone! I see lots of people using that Facebook! So  my name on FB is Paul J Hayes send me a message!

Hello! you guys can add me too if you want!

*** is the emaill address you should use to look for me. Im jason min

Hello,i'm Ejiofor Okaro(male)from Nigeria.i works in South Korea Embassy in Lagos Nigeria.am interest in having u as a friend.Are u on face facebook?

Hello guys,

why facebook?

You can also find lots of new contacts on Expat.com. I invite you to share your expat experience on the Seoul forum. ;)

Thank you.

Hi this is G, a hongkong girl, nice to meet you all here, I've been working here for more than 1 year, still not much friend thou :( Hope to meet friends here and hangout together ^^

And add me guys. Do you have any recommendations where to go in Seoul? Thanks for answers.

Hello mates ... I Will be in Seoul by April 26 til may 2nd ... I'm keen of meeting new people ... I love clubbing , drinking :D exploring the area... Would love to hang out out with you guys soon. 25 female !!

Kindly add me :) cheers


hello girls...i am going to seoul on JULY 5 for 2 night...i am keen of meeting people..i love clubbing,drinking ...would love to hang out with you girls . 32 male.


Hy dear
Im in Dubai now,and coming to visit seoul next month,and want some friend to have company with me while being in korea just for fun,drink and traveling there

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