Information re internet shopping in VN

Hi everyone, does anyone have experience in internet shopping (from ebay,marksandspencer, etc) in VN? Can you, please, share your experince. Are there any extra fees here (like customs fees or other)? Thank you :)

Importing things into VN, other than as accompanied baggage, usually attracts a demand for 100% duty to be paid. This can be appealed, using an Agent, but then you have to pay the agent!

Better to arrange a friend or contact to bring it in. Even an AirAsia flight to Malaysia or Tiger to Singapore, if you have a multi-visor is cheaper than paying this rate of duty.

If immigration ever inquire why the quick trip just say 'medica'.

JNE Couriers (Far East Regional) has a 'hand-carry' service where they use people to accompany checked baggage with customers imported goods - it's how many 'gray' market iThingies get into VN without duty.

If you don't claim imports with 14 days they are usually returned ... unless you contact Customs and say you are coming.

I've orderd stuff from amazon and received them ok and not been charged import tax, guess I've been lucky. I've also had stuff sent to me from UK via regular post go missing\not turn up.
If it's important I either do a flight or get a friend to bring it in for me.

I've experienced no problems having paypal deposit money directly into my account at Vietcom Bank from overseas.

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