2 Muslim Foreigners Marrying in Malaysia


I was wondering if anyone could give me some information. I am an American Citizen and my fiance is Afghan. We are both Muslim. He has been residing in Malaysia for the past two years during his studies. I am wanting to move to Malaysia and join him and get married. But I am getting confused with what exactly would need to be done for us to marry? I have emailed embassy's only to be replied with a generic response containing a link that really does not give me much info.

Thank you for your assistance :)

You get married in Afghanistan or In America or in Malaysia,it will not make difference because you both are foreigners.
It will not make any easy or difference to get social visit permit or any other permit like work permit.
If one of you were Malaysian citizen or PR then is different.

Good luck

hi zinneerah
are you inquiring if you could get a social visit permit or other permit by getting married or are you asking if you could just get married in malaysia?

Just to marry, As an american I do not need a social visa. My fiance is already there on a student visa

You might need a letter from American embassy that you are a single newer been married before/if you married need the divorce papers,original,same goes with your fiance would need the same papers from Afghan embassy as I mention.
Then you present these papers and together with AIDS test both of you to (JAKIM) Malaysian Islamic religious affairs then they will inform you to how to get married.
That's how I get married.
Why don't you ask your fiance sins he is in Malaysia as you said and it will be natural to ask your own fiance then to everybody on this blog,.

We are both trying to figure it out. Since he is not a malaysian citizen, and does not travel outside of Alor Setar much, he was not familiar with the process. I am sorry if my asking offending you. I was just curious if anyone else who were both foreigners had been through the process and had any information

I am not offended.
He should ask people in Alor Setar/Kedah
All the states have ruled by the same Government.
They will answer to all his en-queries relating this matter.

Hi Zinneerah... Not sure this helps.. But.. Both me and my Husband are Singaporean.. And been living in johor Bahru for more than 10 yrs under social visit..  Both our parents moved to jb  n been lresiding eversince.

Naturally.. Both of us wanted to get married in jb where our parents are.. Little did we know.. The Rules then. 2002) .. No foreigners are allowed to get married in Malaysia.. Unless 1 of  the couple is a Malaysian Citizen..
Yess.. We did go through the procedure.. AIDS BLOOD TEST.. Interviews.. And even took the Wedding Course in Malaysia instead of Singapore.
We did all this because we were told to go through these procedures. If we want to get married in Malaysia(Law)
1 week before we were Married.. We were told that We can Get Married (Islamic Way ) but will not be issued the  Marriage Certificate...
As it was a last min Info..  Wedding cards n All Arrangements Were Made..  We got Married still.. And Remarry again. In Singapore to get the   Marriage  Certificate.

Pls.. Find out  more thoroughly n specifically.. Ask them... ( JAKIM)

Oh no :( That really scares me. We have to have the marriage legally registered for my future husband's visa process. I hope my embassy will be able to answer my questions. Seems as if you are not muslim things are very easy there, but they make things very difficult for muslims :( astaghfirallah

If you are local Malaysian Muslim you can get married in Malaysia & with foreigner Muslim man & things will be ease.
Definitely Malaysian government does not make things difficult to Muslims. YOU GOT THAT WRONG.
In fact for a local Muslims been a Muslim is advantages.
You are assuming things on ground of another peoples wrong information.
If you were a local Malaysian women then marriage to foreigner will help your husband's visa process. You are not Malaysian so it will not help your husbands visa process if you marry to your husband or not. Both of you are foreigners.
One of you must be a Malaysian then visa process will be easy,regardless of peoples religions.
You must understand this so deal with the reality.

I am referring to a US visa. I understand I am not a Malaysian Citizen. The only reason we are wanting to do the marriage in Malaysia is because that is where he is currently studying. Going back to Afghanistan for marriage is not a good option due to the security concerns there.

Also, you might want to work on your english inshallah and not be so direct as it comes of very rude. I have not done anything wrong by asking a question and this is the second time you have directed such comments my way.

JazakAllah khair

What is the question only you know.
You want to American visa for your fiance so he can join you in USA? Is this the question? I thought you want to get Malaysian visa.If you want to American visa ask the Americans.
I am trying to understand & try to help you.
I don't know you/only trying to help.
You are in need some advise & you should be great-full we/I taking time to respond to you.
Whats my interest apart of only trying to help you?

As we are taught in Islam, when we don't have something useful to say, it is better to stay quiet.

So, aside from saying jazakAllah khair for you taking the time out of your busy life to help me, and I am ever so greatful, I will stay quiet.

Assalaamu Alaikum.

hey taslik
if you would have read the question properly at the start,, you would have understood what zinneerah is asking,,,
she wasnt asking about visa or visa requirements or anything about the visa at the start
you are not obliged to answer any of her questions,, unless you sincerely want to help
the whole point of joining this forum is to help people, and if you think you are doing a big favour, then i dont think you should answer any questions or for that matter be in this forum

You go read & see if you can get it or not.

She is looking for to get married and to make it easy to get visa to which country is not clear.

I am trying to help.
Read my response you will see instead of patronizing people.

You go and read see what I mean.
I thought she wants to get Malaysian visa since she is in Malaysian Blog.
Her fiance can go back to USA and can get married in USA.

That would be the natural simple solution.

It is not so easy for an Afghan to just enter the USA Taslik. Or else of course that is what we would do. I have made it very clear that it was in regards to a US visa. The reason I am posting in the Malaysian forum is because he is residing in Malaysia and that is where we would like to get married.

Ceasar1956, Thank you :)

just my 2cents worth...welcome

hi, i am from phillippine and currently working in singapore. i am planning to get married in malaysia this coming june...inshaallah.. but my question is; me i know what are the requirements to get married there. my husband to be is a malaysian muslim and i also  converted to muslim in singapore already. my husband to be is also working in singapore but we want our marriage will be done in malaysia.... anybody can help me the procedure to get married there.....thank you

Strange. From the very first post, I too got the impression that she wanted to move to Malaysia. She wrote, "I am wanting to move to Malaysia and join him and get married".

There are 2 types of marriage in Malaysia: Civil and Muslim.

Civil marriage is for the non-Muslims and Muslim marriage is for the Muslims.

The procedures to get married in Malaysia are quite simple.

You have a choice of three (3) different procedures to getting married. All three (3) have the same legal effect.

Marriage at the Registrar of Marriages office (ROM);
Marriage through a religious ceremony, custom or usage; the clergyman officiating need to be an appointed Assistant Registrar of Marriages;
Marriage through a special licence delivered by the Chief Minister of the state concerned.
The first two are the most common, and applicants simply need to submit an application at the District Registration Department. To do so, the couple should be a resident in Malaysia for a minimum of 7 days. The license usually take two to three weeks to process

The third options, also referred to as a fast track Special License, only require applicants to stay for six (6) nights in any one destination to complete all documentation and bureaucratic procedures. Of course, the Chief Minister of the state concerned

If you are a person applying for marriage, you must have be a resident in the marriage district for a period of not less than seven (7) days.

Four  (4) passport photographs, for both parties;
Official copy of your IC, birth certificate, and passports for both applicants;
A foreign spouse-to-be need a statutory declaration stating their marital status. They should not exceed 3 months validity from date of actual marriage.
For expatriates, most embassies and consulate will provide such paper quite easily. A statutory declaration from a local registrar in the home country of the expatriate is accepted.
Then, the papers will need to be "legalise" at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a copy shall be retained for their record.
If one of the parties is a divorcee, he/she will need to provide proof of his/her divorce;
If one of the parties is a widow/widower, he/she will need to provide a proof of the death of their previous partner.
Select two witnesses to come with you to process your application.  Witness(es) can also be a Muslim although this is a civil marriage.
You will then have to bring all of the above and go with your witnesses to your nearest Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN).

Marriage Application:
Once there, you will need to fill up form JPN JPN.KC02 (Application Form, Notice of Marriage and Written Declaration)
If both parties reside in the same marriage district, one (1) form need to be filled and submitted in the presence of the Registrar of Marriages.
If both parties reside in different marriage districts, two (2) form need to be filled and submitted in the presence of the respective district Registrar of Marriages.
Choose whether you wish to complete your marriage registration at
JPN itself (1st option described in the first section), or
A church or religious office of your choice.
The officer will then post a Notice of Marriage on their notice board for twenty-one (21) days.

From that date, you have six (6) months to officialize your marriage. Be careful to respect this deadline, as if you don't officialize your marriage within this time frame, you will have to submit a new application.

Marriage Ceremony:
On the marriage day, you should bring your IC or passport as spouse to be; have RM 30 for marriage certificate and certification;prepare all your documents from the Marriage application;come with two (2) witnesses, who shall bring their IC or passports.Witnesses must be Malaysian residents (Malaysian or foreigners with a valid multiple-entry-visa), must be over 21 years of age, and understand the declarations made during the ceremony (i.e. understand English or Malay, depending on the language of the ceremony)
Once at the JPN office, or your religious office of choice, present all your documents to the officer, and they'll prepare the marriage certificates. If you choose to do it at JPN, the ceremony is on a first come, first serve basis.

Congratulations !

If you have anymore doubts, you can contact :

The Registrar of Marriages
Malaysia National Registration Department
46551 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Telephone: (03) 7955-1255 – Marriage Department
Fax: (03) 7955-1608.
Kuala Lumpur Office: (03) 2692-5018

You should also double check with your embassies to avoid any misunderstanding.

to samm1109 what if the bride dont have waali as i am a foreigner and muslim convert what should i do?

I'm having the same problem. Me and my husband to be are NOT Malaysians, but we would like to get married in Malaysia. Anyone ( Muslim couples) who got married in Malaysia please help me by giving the procedures to be followed and the documents that are to be submitted. Thanks in advance :)

I don't have advice to share but just to share what I encountered. I have seen a non-Muslim non-Malaysian couple get married in Malaysia. I had also met with a Muslim couple of Malaysian man married to Singaporean lady. I don't quite remember the story the man was telling me, but the government wanted to destroy one of their personal documents - marriage certificate or birth certificate since marriage was done both in Malaysia and Singapore.

taslik, you jumped to wrong conclusion and you were rude. Helping should only be with an open heart, I learnt that badly and now, I don't help if it's not there in me. That said, I guess it depend on experience to pick up the points. I got it well in the first message.

I wish you success with marriage in Malaysia, Zinneerah.

See the local marriage imam because they have to be willing. They will guide you on paperwork. Visit the mosque where he stationed and pray then ask. It is same as Malaysian and know one couple who dd. They were shia but imam married them anyway as a open minded man and better married than "living in sin". Most maybe mire conservative

Hi dear, I'm an non Muslim girl from Kuala Lumpur and partner is an Muslim guy who working shipyard company in Singapore. He typically born in Bangladesh and we plan to get married very soon since we were in relationship more than 2years. So, pls be my guideline and what should I do?? I do need a professional advise to sort my confusion :) its really bothering me.. Thanks for your time and help :)

Hi there,

I know this thread is about 2 years old. But did you manage to resolve your situation? I am a foreigner planning to marry my foreign fiance. Need to know the procedures for a civil marriage.

Non-Muslim marriage

http://www.lawyerment.com/library/kb/Fa … e/1020.htm
http://www.lawyerment.com/library/kb/Fa … e/1021.htm

Key points
To apply celebrants must have been in Malaysia for 7 days.
Notice of intention to marry is posted for 21 days (normal marriage license)
On expiry of 21 days a Certificate enabling marriage to take place is issued

This also may be useful https://my.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-se … /marriage/

Hi I am a Muslim foreigner and my girlfriend is Muslim Malaysian. How can we get married in Malaysia. Can you please help us.
Thank you

I suggest you join the Facebook Group Foreign Spouses Support Group as it has so much information about marriage, immigration etc. https://www.facebook.com/FSSGMY/

Once you are a member the link below may be a starting point, as well as your embassy.

https://www.facebook.com/notes/foreign- … 258087380/

Hi I'm from Pakistan and living in Malaysia I want to marry with my Japanese girlfriend in Malaysia she's coming in June it's possible anybody can help me?

Hi. Me and my partner want to get married here in malaysia. We are muslim foreigners, me from bangladesh and my partner from australia. I am currently studying here. I tried gathering info but couldnt find since its mostly in malay language. And also some of the people who tried to help me gave wrong info. Can anyone provide me the right procedure. Thank you,

Hello Tasik How are you ... Tasik i have one question in my mind if you can help me ... i have one Malay Muslim Girl friend and we want to get married in malaysia... i am from Pakistan and i am also Mulim ... but the problem is that i had work permit visa before and that one expire already in 2016 july ... and now for last two years i dont have any visa ... so how to do i ask some people they said that you go back to pakistan and get social visa of Malaysia and then come back Malaysia and apply the process .. So according to you what should i do i need your opinion sir... i will be very greatfully thankfull to you for your help sir ...

problem is when you leave it will probably be a deportation and ban.

There is have one another way and that one is very common in Malaysia and that is to buy counter in Malaysia so No ban Because you will not take special pass from immigration of Malaysia you just buy the counter on airport and fly ... its very common in Malaysia

That's probably your only option as you wont be able to marry while illegally in Malaysia.

Application for a spouse LTSVP can be made 6 months after marriage. https://www.facebook.com/FSSGMY/

Hi how are you .. I am Agree with you that’s why I have to Take this step to go back my country and make new passport and then Insha Allah take the social visa of Malaysia and then Insha Allah will come back to Malaysia Again and Do the marriage in Malaysia with My Malay Muslim Future wife Insha Allah

Assalam walaikum... You Can get the Married with your Japanese gf but you have to convert her in Islam and according to sharia of Islam you both of them can get married and can register in Pakistan embassy in Kuala Lumpur and then they will issue you the marriage certificate of prove and you have to register your marriage in Japan embassy of Kuala Lumpur so then you couple will be legally husband and wife ... And don’t worry you do your work and God will do his own work so just believe on God ok ... Assalam walaikum Bye

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