Indian or Pakistani People

Hello everybody,

Hope everything is okay for all of you,
Would like if there is any Indian or Pakistani here in/out the forum or people you know living here in Algeria?
Thanks in advance for your kind reply,
Have a nice day,
Fawzia IZ

Hi Fawzia

I think you can meet some Indian people in Dely Brahim at Restaurant Called Taj Mahal, I saw so many Indians meeting there, may be you can find somme of them

Good Luck

Hello Anis,
Thanks for your prompt reply !
It's so logical and full of sense
Will be at one of the 2 Indian restaurants, Maharajah or Taj Mahal
Have you meet any Pakistani here in Algeria?

Kind regards

No thanks for thing
No unfortunately I didn't but due to eating habits you may find some of them at restaurant, try to visit on week-end it will improve chances of meeting


Good idea and I do love Indian Food , so Yummy!!!
Thanks a lot
will keep you updated in case you're also interested?!


You're welcome,
May be we'll meet once in one of these places, who know ;)

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