Looking for any friends, male or female

hi friend i like your post and willing i am in dubai too

katie_orlando :
Christine :

Hi katie_orlando,

welcome to Expat.com! :)

Thank you, :)


Hi Katie

I am living in dubai and willing to go out

Hello, I am interested in friendship with you.

Hi, there

im also new in dubai, want new friends men or women, please contact me via ***

thanks in advance

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How r you .
Where do u live in Dubai
Would u tell me more about u


Hi Kan,

I am fine. I stay in al karama. I am from India. I am here for an software project.

How are you? What do you do?

Hey Katie

Hi Friends, I reside at Bur dubai ,,i am from india and Looking out for Friends

hi all

Hello everyone,

Saalem here from Kolkata, India

Hi it's me Denver.
Like to catch up and have a chat. Meet up

Welcome to expat

hi everyone
i am Theo from Namibia.anyone to offer me any kind of job in Dubai am currently unemployed even to wash car. i am honest, hard work and humble ..please whats App me ***

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Hi,I M in barsha.
I m setting my new business here.

Looking for genuine friends to spend time

HI, hOW are u ?
My name is Kuljeet Singh from India
i am also in barsha , where in barsha u r ? wht business u going to set up in dubai ?


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Hi i am from Dibba, Fujairah,  really a lonely place in UAE, i don't have any friends here, at least a person who answer a call at the end, talk nicely, to ease the tensions, that what i need... i hope some one will be there from dibba too

This  is sara.
M new to this  forum
From India
Arriving  Dubai  August  end.
New to country.
Keep intouch
Looking  fr frens

hi i am also in bur dubai


Abhilash I live in Abu Dhabi too. We're do you live.

I stay in Marina u can come Babylos if u wish tonight around 9 pm

hello every one
i am relocate to dubai in international city
so i hope to meet new friends here

hi where you from

Hi can we meet

Hi, sure we can meet, but i am on vacation at present. Can i get ur contact number. Will call u when i am there.

May I have the honor?????

How are you?
I am also new to dubai & currently employed.
Let me know if we can catch up..

How are you?
I have recently moved and started working in Dubai,Let me know if we can meet up or chat.

I am keen in making friends & meeting new people.

Hey Sara,
Let me know if we can catch up...

Hi Everyone,
I am keen in meeting new people & making new friends,Just recently moved to Dubai & currently employed here.

? :)) guys come on anyone here

Dear you can contact me  ***

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Hi Katie

Hi Christine,
            Would you like to have coffee???

Is anyone interested to meet and have a coffee any where in Abu Dhabi at sometime  ?
I wish to have good friends
I am Mahd a physician in Abu Dhabi

Hi All,
Sulaiman from Pakistan, living a busy life in UAE for past 5 years now. I'm new to this site and am looking to meet new friends to hangout with.

Hi katie,  i am 33 years old living in sport city with my wife and my son,  we are pleased to meet you and be good frinds


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