cost of Living in Pakistan (Lahore)

I am consider working in Pakistan (Lahore) as a British Expat, I am an Assitant Project Manager / Consulting Engineer for a Project Management Consultancy (International Blue Chip Company).
My question if what is a good expat package for Pakistan?

How much is local income tax?
Cost of Accomodation / utilities?
Cost of Education?
Cost of Transportation?
Cost of Health Care?

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if you are going to Lahore,

Welcome to a nice, good and clean city of Pakistan.

their are slab rates for income tax in Pakistan, so better to check this site for the slab in which you monthly salary will fall

and cost of living depends upon person to person, i mean u can not only fill your belly with 10 dollars but also with 25 cents.  their are good hotel, cafeterias and bakeries.  but most of the time people go to the good hotel, good hotel doesnt mean expensive, like Karahi gosht of Butt at lakshami chowk, Basheer mahi's Fish at Mozang, and nice breakfast at gourme bakers etc. it wont cost you more than 15 dollars a day.

petrol is a little expensive, so people use CNG as their fuel, better to keep a nice sedan instead of SUV, it will help in rush hours, and trafic loads.

and cloths are very nice, u can buy G2000 shirts from City towers, Pace Center, and offcourse the new shopping plazas.  Marks & Spencer brand is there, pierre Carden etc etc. and at good prices.

for shoes, hush puppies, leather point, urban sol, are good.

ok, if u want something more, plz reply to this topic, i will catch u back friend.

IMRAN, Luanda, Angola

but i am Pakistani man Pakistani

Average cost of living for someone coming to Pakistan and living in Pakistan is...

Cost of Accomodation: 250 US$ , 20000 Pak rupees on rented house at least per month or 563 US$ , 45000 Pak rupees at least for moderate hotel accomodation per person per month

Cost of utilities: 25000 pak rupees, 312 US$ food per month
10000 pak rupees, 125 US$ per person clothing at least for 2 months
3000 pak rupees, 37.5 US$ per month for mobile bills
1200 pak rupess, 15 US$ per month for broadband charges
3000 pak rupess, 27 US$ fitness gym charges per month

Cost of Education: 10000 pak rupees, 125 US$ per child per month at least

Cost of Transportation: 15000 rupees, 187 US$ per month at least

1 US$ = 80 Pak rupees
1 month = 30 days

funny you had to explain that a month has 30 days :D

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I've written up an article detailing housing, food, domestic help and transport costs. We don't have kids so no education costs, and we paid for health costs out of pocket.

Cost of Living in Lahore, Pakistan

You can also read more on my blog, where I've posted the links to over 100 articles I've written about expat life and travel in Pakistan. From things like which pasta to buy, how to get good drinking water, to how to find housing to what things to pack and what to wear to a wedding...

Expat Life and Travel in Pakistan

this is a very nice and interested web site which is more impressive and entertaining, but about Lahore which is one of the best city in the world and most popular city in the history.

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I happen 2 own a 3 Bd, 3bath, double story house in Lahore in a rather safe and clean and most importantly cost effective neighbourhood, for which I have also posted an ad on this site.

V r also planning to start an expat gathering in LHE soon. So, u won't b alone.

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