nutrition store other than GNC

im looking for a nutrition supliment store in khobar area which is NOT GNC. GNC sells crap that is no good and sometimes its BAD for you. i cant order stuff i need online because they confiscate it as soon as it lands here. so i need somewhere to get my supplements.

Check with and their shipping policy to Saudi arabia, i think it would be fine ordering there.

If you can't find, just go to any Pharmacy and ask for these:

- Beneprotein (approx 60 SAR), the can is small but it is premium grade whey protein.

- Any Ensure or Ensure plus supplement u can use it as weight gainer. (you can get those in powder form or premixed with water)

_ Creatine is available in Al dawaa pharmacy in powder form, not sure abt the price.

* If you can't find any item, i could probly get em for you, if you are in Khobar and pick em up

beneprotien has very low protein content. i would have to go through half a box a day! but thanks for your advice.

Hi There,
                  I was actually currently go through the same dilemma and am wondering if you have done any progress on your topic?? Have you found any alternates to buying supplements other than GNC??

I'm also looking to buy hGH spray and can't seem to find it in Al Khobar or GNC for that matter, I'd like to buy it quickly, do you know where I can get it from??


Hello, have you managed to source supplements somewhere other than GNC. I have the same problem. Thanks. Zac.

I know this is old (the OP) and I'm not sure exactly which type of supplements you are looking for, but I absolutely love  They have the best rates for shipping and my orders always arrive very quickly.  For the shipping address I always put the address of the DHL closest to me.  The use DHL express and my orders are always here within 2 to 3 days.  I've never had anything confiscated and I've even ordered things like witch hazel (can't order those anywhere else without being told it's prohibitied).  They have some of the best prices and knock 5% off your order once you hit $60.  Hope this helps!

Thank you very much mfleij, I will most certainly give it a shot!

Hi I am looking for protein powders for weight loss in khobar , can you please provide me.


At the top of the escalators in carrefour, rashid mall.

I think this is too late to post a reply, but this website is awesome they deliver the products in 24 hours.

( ) the best place for all natural supplements

its really old post, but it seems u r having well experience about supplement, since long time i am trying to loose weight but no use, last month bought GNC product (GUARANA RUSH - Dietary Supplement & L-Carnitine 500) but i am still same as i was, on diet and  exercise but no luck, i went on iherb site, so many product, please suggest me something which can help me to achieve my goal.


Have you tried Dr. Nutrition in Al Rashid Mall?

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