Gold Biscuit in Khobar or Dammam...

Dear Friends,

where to buy certified gold biscuit in Al khobar or dammam.

Thx in advance.

fatfellow :

Dear Friends,

where to buy certified gold biscuit in Al khobar or dammam.

Thx in advance.

i have a dealer who sells to gold repair shops. youll have to buy cash but it will be 100% original plastic sealed 999.99 suise gold.
i bought a few ounces since the price is still low these days. send me a msg on here if you want to buy.

I want to buy 100 gms gold biscuit . Where in Dammam cheapest rate?

I don't know about Dammam, but there is a few shops down in khubar shumalia.....street 1. I am sure there must be a gold souq in Dammam too.

Joy alukas ( you might win BMW with any purchase of Gold :) )   Malabar Gold , Dammas , these are the big names in Gold market and you can find them in Khobar Lulu

I've found that Dammam is generally cheaper than Khobar.  Best to go to the gold souk area and check a few shops there. Just check the market price before you go so you have an idea what the commission is.  Always take cash or SPAN otherwise the card costs are added on.
All of the biscuits seem to be certified and stamped.  Best value is the 100g biscuit to minimise commision costs.

If you want to shop in Khobar try the shops further away from the busy Filipino concentration- the prices are too high near Ramaniyah Mall.  The mall on the opposite side of Dhahran Road seemed to be better value.

tell me the dealer name, so that I can go and meet. thanks!

hi there

I hope you are well and having a fantastic week. I read your post with interest. I would be very interested in buying some gold while I am out here. where would you recommend? do you know a good reliable dealer of gold that  you trust?

thanks in advance

Hi can you give store address.

Please can email me address at ***

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