Why invest in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is emerging potentiality in Shipping , Ship Building with competent Human resources.
Finger Cross on better future for Bangladesh

Many financial companies in Bangladesh offer deposit rates as high as 14% . Can non resident foreigners invest in such deposits ?

hey tarek...i hope u r doing good...could u pls give me the source of the informations u provided...i am doing MSc in Monash university and your info would help me a lot in writing an essay for one of course but I would require the reference for that...sorry for the trouble...thanks =)

Bangladesh has amazing potential and needs amazing people to bring it to the world stage not these negative jump the boat the first chance I get and never look back type.

Yes I'm from England but I have contributed a lot in terms of investment and development of the country.

And so have a lot of people in England, we have helped create bridges, roads, buildings, jobs and so on. We have helped feed the poor and cloth and shelter the less fortunate.

Opportunists reap the rewards whilst the sceptics remain bitter.

Tough there are many issued here. But look the GDP of Bangladesh & calculate regarding South-Asia not calculate with Europe or America. Obviously thousand of meritorious leaving country every year and join with world renowned company's. So definitely you get skilled worker with cheap payment which definitely a very good point to do good business.

Anyway, corruption and limitation is a part of human life now, Where corruption is absent, everywhere it rooted now. Somewhere it low and somewhere it higher.

Totally Agreed with you. Among all shipping company Ananda Shipping and Western Shipping is the pioneer. Very soon They will seat in the top of Shipping in Asia.

Investing in Bangladesh is more beneficiary than other countries-
1. there is a large population and Bangladeshi people's average expending capability is increasing day by day.
2. Low paid Skilled, Unskilled manpower
3. Geographic Location is nice to export/transport product to other countries
4. Living cost is low
5. For the foreigners Bangladesh has a good environment (though violation and political unrest )


Sharif Mahmud Bhuiyan
Bangladeshi company list

Thanks for your help.
Bangladeshi people are very hospitable.


Sharif Mahmud Bhuiyan
Bangladeshi Company list