Native English speaker piano teacher needed in Budapest

Hi Everyone,

we are looking for a nice piano teacher, who would give lessons to a kind 8 years old girl. My daughter had a very nice British teacher in Turkey, but we recently left Istanbul for Budapest, so we finished the piano lessons of Mrs. Hall. If you're interested, please, contact me!!!

Thank you a lot in advance!!



I am Noelia Contrisciani. I am a young pianist with several experience teaching children.

I earnt my Superior Piano Teacher degree at the Royal Superior Conservatory of Madrid and I made postgraduation studies at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music.

I have been working with children for five years and during this time I have always had a great time with them and we both have learnt a lot of things from each other.

I am Spanish, so I am not an English native speaker as you asked for in your add, but I have just earnt the TOEFL exam so I think I am able to teach music in English.

I would really love to work with your little girl!

This is my e-mail address: noecontris[at]

Thanks in advanced.


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