medical cover


I am moving to Israel next week as my partner has a job there. Can anyone advise me on medical insurance. I will not be working whist there so will not have business cover.
Many Thanks :-)

Are you married with him ? Are you Israeli ? Do you want to make  Alyah ?
Please clarify

If you're looking for tourist/foreign resident health insurance, I would recommend Harel ( It allows you access to the Klalit health fund. I haven't had to use medical services here myself (knock on wood) but an academic program I worked for insured all the overseas kids through them and we always had really good experiences.

Thanks for your prompt response.

Morianne, I am from the UK, my partner is from Ireland. We are unmarried. What is Alyha?

Keyheartlion, Thanks so much for the link, I am looking into it now.

Enjoy your day :)