Doing business in Bangladesh


are foreign investors welcome in Bangladesh?

Is it complicated to register a company in Bangladesh? What is the procedure?

What is the corporate tax rate in Bangladesh?

Is it easy to recruit?

Any advice you would share with us?

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Pls write to me .
Limited company will not be any problem
Is yr related field is Marine.
Pls advice at my Gmail email ID.

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Capt Ranjan Chowdhury,

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I'm not looking for professional services, but for answers to my questions.

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Bangladesh is a small country but enough resources.Any foreigner
can invest here easily.Registration formality is not so complex here.Income tax also reasonable.There is some procedure for export-import business.First u have to select what kind of business u want to do here? Then u need apply commerce ministry for license with ur business document.U can get more information by commerce ministry website.Thanks for ur inquiry.

Md. Shahidul Islam

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Searching Investment in Bangladesh. If anyone interest please mail me.

Bangladesh always welcome in foreign investment. Which sector would you like to invest. Please feel free mail me. My Mail Id: [email protected]

Yes, foreigners are always welcome in Bangladesh for doing business or investing. Registration is much easier in Bangladesh. Procedure depends on the business form(Company/Partnership/Sole-proprietorship). Forming others are mush easier than company. Again corporate tax rate depends on the business nature(ex. normal Pvt-37.5%, Public-27.5%,  Individual falls under slabs started from 10% to 25%. Recruitment is easy, and cost is less then other countries. Don't directly recruit any consultancy firm. Plz come and understand the situation. Also you can contract with some Chartered Accountancy firms for advices as they are more secure, cost effective and are more updated about the current complicate.

sent me more info,,,, [email protected]

I think for foreigners best place to invest in Garments. Because wage of garments worker in Bangladesh is much lower than any other country. Its about $73 per month.

Hi Julien,

Can you let me know which sector you want to invest or open a company?

Because sector to sector have variation of taxes.


Hi Saiful,

We're running a small factory in South China. We are producing home decor products like artificial flowers and seasonal decorations . These kind of products need lots of labours work. We are considering if we can set up a production line some where in Bangladesh. The ideal location is close to some of the villages with lots of people and not to far away from the port  and there is some good road or highway in between that can carry the 40' container. Of cause, it will be best if there are some available factory plant that can be rented. Can you please suggest which area I should go, Dhaka, Chittagong, or other places? , Thanks!

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