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its nice to have discovered this site about Belarus a wonderful place to stay and to study.
Please,can I have a great answers to my questions?
(1)As a Niegria willing to study in Belarus as an undergraduate,which among the Institutions is the cheapest and will give me the best?
(2)As a Nigerian do I need to obtain a Visa in Nigeria or What type document(s)will be sent to me and by which authourities will I receive my traveling papers?
(3)Which Airline is the best and also authourized by the Belarusian government to fly Nigerians with Invitation papers?for example;Turkish airlines fly Nigerians to Republic of Georgia with Invitations letter from the Ministy of Internal Affairs.Other airlines do not lift Nigerians with such paper/documents to Goergia.
(4)Can I have my school fees paid installmentally?
(5)Can I have Phone numbers and Addrsses of people that will quickly help me out?

Contact me on this e-mail richray7[at]gmail.com

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