How to start a charity?

I've spent 6 months in Kenya and am coming back for 3 months again in October
I'm quite interested in starting an orphanage kind of thing for some girls in the Masai who I worked with last time I came, but I have NO IDEA where to start!!

It would be really really useful if I could meet with someone who's done something similar (or knows lots of stuff) who could advise me on how to go about it, all the legal stuff and all that jazz!

Anyone up for it!??

I can could be of help,we can partner in this I do run a community based  charity called Wings of Mercy and one of our visions is to build orphanages,I have worked and helped support a number of orphans and orphanages in the past and still do.
Kind regards

Wish i could be of help...all i can say is your idea is very thoughtful.kindly be careful of scammers who would or may mislead you into using your funds.I'll ask around for the proper channels and get back to you within the week.

I quite agree with Muganda,however I would not really call them scammers,as I dont think here at the we really do have those kinds of people,specially here in Kenya.Am sure Most of the people here are genuinely interested in making a difference in one form or another.I do run a community based charity, that works with the poor communities especially in the slums.What I know beginning a charity here is not difficult for as long as you are working in partnership with a local person and the local community,many charities here come in the form of churches,cbo's,ngo's,foundations and Trust,what is important,is that help and funding reaches to those it is intended,and there is some form of accountability.As I said earlier you can get in touch with me,my email address is rogermo2001[at] could set up a meeting either at a convenient place and discuss this further.
Roger  I'm back in Kenya expanding to East Africa. I'm puttin up a branch in Nairobi and Kisumu in Kenya n that's one of my projects. Can team up with you but my line is developing talent n skills of the poor children. Let me know what you think.
Leblanc Elli on ellinuff[at]

That is certainly great!am sur ewe can put our synergies together,and achieve something for the poor children It is wonderful to note you are putting up a branch in Kisumu and Nairobi,these are places have lived most of my life!.In fact I was born in Kisumu,went through school there so I understand the area,most of my work life has been in Nairobi.I will certainly,check out your website,and I will get in touch with you via mail.It appears we have lot in common,we have worked with children before in teaching them skills in art,jewellry making and beadwork.
Looking forward and best wishes

We got our NGO (econosphere projects) registered with the NGO Board in December. We have 1 German, 1 Swiss, and 2 Kenyan nationals on our board of directors. I can give you all the details on how to go about registering an NGO in Kenya. We are currently working in the Mara (energy, sanitation, infrastructure) with a community of about 1500 people. I'll be back in Kenia in November.

Just a remark on orphanages: they never worked well in our countries (I'm German, living in Switzerland). Think about this when trying to promote this model in Kenya ...


Hello Ingo good to meet you on this forum.Here in Africa,especially in Kenya things do work out differently,for example orphanages do come in different forms, e.g as childrens homes,rehabilitation centres,children centres,adoption homes or centres etc.Some people may want simply to have an orphange just to ensure the children have a meal,and clothing,but then they have to go to school outside the orphanage,and even probably stay outside with a guardian or foster parent,others want o provide everything in one place.Here Orphanages do quite well if managed properly since in Africa unlike in other countries we have lots of orphaned and vulnerable children-remember we also do have 'economic orphans'here and they need a facility where they can be taken care of hence the need for a childrens home.
Elli,checked out your website and was able to note you work with street children,something I have done in the past having worked with some two charities here.I tried sending you mail via your email address it bounced back I have resent again.
Looking forward to hear from you and hope we can meet soon to discuss this further.
Best wishes

Hi Roger,
Sorry for the mail. Our systems admin has reported this and the designer is working a quick solution. You can catch me on e****
Have a good evening

Thanks Elli,
I certainly will.I have  a good day

there are two ways of going about it. One, you may choose to register a trust. For this, u will need to submit names of atleast three trustees who shall be running the Trust. Once this is in place, you will be issued with necessary papers afterwhich u will apply for tax exemption since it is a charity. the other way is by registering a foundation to operate as such.  the procedure normally takes between three to four months and u can start operations.if u need assistance on the legal steps and someone to incorporate it for you, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Hi Rainbow,
Indeed that is a very noble idea,i commend you and all the others who have  managed to actualize  theirs.I have worked  with a group of foreigners and locals before teaching  less priviledged kids,trying to enlighten them.I dont know much though about the whole starting up process ,but any way i can be of help i will be glad to chip in.All the best!


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