Nursing Homes in Pattaya

I'm trying to convince my 93 year old grandmother to come live her remaining years in a nursing home in Thailand. I've found some in Pattaya and visited a few and they meet her needs but aren't like impressive enough to convince her to make the change (she's not the one paying the bills lol). Does anyone know of which nursing homes are the most up-scale in Pattaya? I'm trying to find something that will be top-notch and impress her and also make her as comfortable as possible with other people she can be social with. She's still very much alive despite being unable to clean herself anymore.

@BrianDNation  We looked at a few of them. The nice ones are 3,000 dollars for 1 person and up. My wife &  I decided to stay in our own condo and have a live caretaker take care of us.  Hospital staff will do this for a much less price.  Good Luck to You.

@thailand4me That does seem to be the most economical/sensible route to go. Are there places around here for the elderly to go to and socialize? Socialization would be about the only thing missing from hiring a private care-taker.

Hi all, My Dad who's 86 and has Progressive Parkinsons wants to move to Thailand with me. We are going to buy a 2 bed condo and employ a full time carer. My only concern is getting health insurance for him. Can anyone point me in the right direction?