Rural Living in CR

My family and I currently live in rural Alberta, Canada where we have a small permaculture style farm. We are thinking of re-locating to Costa Rica. We would be looking to move somewhere more rural where we can still homestead/farm and somewhere with a cooler climate would be ideal. Just looking to connect with folks who are currently living there living that type of lifestyle.

Hi Farmer,

I haven't relocated to CR, yet. Re: your farming lifestyle, consider researching San Isidro. San Isidro has a weekly "Grande" Farmers Mkt & surrounding areas offer higher elevations with cooler temps for living.

When circumstances permit, this is where I'm going.


Thanks, I have done alittle research on San Isidro. Are there tourist locations nearby that you know of? Was thinking one could rent out small villas on the property for extra income but if its too far from touristy things probably wouldnt work


I've viewed lots of Airbnb rental listings in the area.


ps... was short on time yesterday.

RE: Isidro, you can go 2 ways; 1. live near Mt Chirripó (cooler), lots of tourism for hiking there, or 2. Tinamaste, which is 1/2 way between Isidro & Dominical (the beaches - warmer) LOTS of tourism there.



OK, thank you for the info! Appreciate it! How warm are we talking? lol

Suggest you monitor temps around CR by logging onto a weather website.

@FarmerT ......You need to be here !  If tourism is taking a beating at the beaches it should be evaporated in hill country San Isidro del General......July is a high season month due to a break in the rainy season but it is zilch compared to years prior....If you build rentals, you can be throwing money at empty dwellings that are subject to high maintenance cost due to climate extremes..

How warm are we talking?


Throughout Costa Rica, the rule of thumb applies: the higher the cooler/the lower the warmer. A difference of 1,000 feet in altitude can make a significant difference.