Accommodation and meat cost

Hi everyone. I am exploring different countries to retire to and Costa Rica is one. And while everyone raves about the low cost of fruits and vegetables, I am more concerned with the availability of meat from ruminates (cow, lamb etc) quality and cost, as that's all that I eat.

Also, where are the best locations where rent is feasible for someone on limited income from SS and a bit of savings? Case in point, in a newsletter that I got from another outlet, there was mention of an American woman who is renting a nice place near Lake Arenal for unbelievable price.  And if you can recommend affordable accommodations while I explore Costa Rica it would be great.

if you go to craigs list you can see the 2 bed 2 bath condo with pool tennis lake real 24 hour gated security for $600 month you can enter alajuela to the search at craigs list for furnished condos

any price less than that in costa rica is probably not safe or convienent for new people

most forget that any location outside of the central valley has limited services and limited security

after 32 years of living here i constantly see new arrivals making major mistakes not realizing that this is not the states and does not operate like the states

@praxiswebcam0r - nice to connect.  On the meat side, I for one do not find the meat here that good.  The beef isn't from a cow breed we are used to in the US/Canada/Europe.  If you can get Nicaraguan or American beef (many butchers have it) it is much better.  The lamb I've had has been great.  Costs vary - it's about finding the butcher &/or store you like.  Normally better prices in butchers (especially in communal farmers markets) vs. stores.

On where to live, that's a REALLY challenging question as it depends on what is important to you.  There are less expensive/"cheap" places in most regions but it really is what you want.  If you want the beach and the heat there are many places that are non-touristy that may be cheaper.  If you want cooler weather than Northern or inland areas, or the outskirts of Central Valley may work.

I always recommend people come down after doing research and scout to see what's available.  What you find important on paper may not be what's right once you see it in person.  It is very hard to just pick and move and assume you'll be happy.

@praxiswebcam0r ...Don't believe anything you read from any outlet about Costa Rica.Learn to eat chicken and a lot of eggs, if you make it here.Affordable rent ? How low can you reduce your standards ?.....Most importantly bring a companion with you...

@edwinemora "Don't believe anything you read from any outlet about Costa Rica." With regard to what?

Thanks but I am not about to start eating chicken on mass, with the exception of wings once in a long while.

@mail66 I'll check it out. I can manage with one bedroom as long as there's a garden etc and spend the extra on other things.

@pjPuraVida Nice to connect as well. I am bummed out about the lack of quality local meat. Luckily, I love lamb so can live on that if affordable. In the States, one can buy 1/4 to a whole cow and save. I wonder if that's an option. I prefer warm climate and love the beach bt not if it's unbearable as I like to spend time in the outdoors. So the mountain area might be more appropriate and cooler and I can hike and run trails if safe. But I do like good coffee and some of the perks that a city can offer; and while I enjoy talking to people, the city could overwhelm me if noisy. A conundrum.

@mail66 Typing alajuela into Craigslist yielded zero info. Maybe there's nothing at the moment. I am also weary of this platform because its hosts many crooks. 

@praxiswebcam0r .....With regard to'anything about living in Costa Rica'.Do not allow yourself to get hand fed about this country.There is $$$millions$$$ to be made off gringos moving here.I'll use the authors of the book series 'Happier than a Billionaire',as an example....They tucked tailed out of here awhile ago and their book series continues on how they were---swindled.....Big Time !

@praxiswebcam0r you have to understand how to use craigs list

  1. find the section where it says real estate
  2. the look for furnished apartments
  3. then enter alajuela on that section
  4. after 32 years of living in costa rica offering rental units craigs list is best way to advertise

@mail66 I don't know what went wrong earlier. I found it

@praxiswebcam0r You really need to come scout: explore some areas that are high on the list.  I came 3x before we bought.  Spent time in each place I was interested in: to see cafes, stores, where expats hang, etc.  That's truly the only way you can figure this out well.  To see for yourself.  Everyone's comments are through their own lens and experience.  You need to see yours.  So come and spend time!