Your first days in your home in Japan

Hello everyone,

Do you remember the first time you set foot in Japan? One of your main concerns must have been the settling down process in your new home.

Share your experience and tell us what it was like to find your new home in Japan and how the moving-in process worked for you.

How did you find it (with an estate agency, your company, social networks, friends) and how long did it take?

At that time, what were the most common housing options available in your area ? How did you narrow down your search?

Did you opt for a temporary housing solution during your first days in Japan?

What are the main differences you noticed with your home country when it comes to the type of housing and formalities to settle in, etc.?

What struck you the most when you first moved in? Were there any challenges that you faced? If yes, how did you overcome them?

Is there any piece of advice that you would like to give to future expatriates to make their new place feel like home?

Thank you for your input.

Cheryl team

@Cheryl very difficult but the people around me made it easy .Even they can't speak English they'll try their best to help/assist you.The most polite immigration officers I've ever met too.

Thank you for the feedback @Genahoney ^^

Indeed Japan is known for respect and politeness.