RERA versus DCTM (Dubai Tourist and Commerce Marketing, I think!)

When I arrived in Dubai nearly 2 years ago I rented an apartment in Dubai Marina, convenient for the office and seemed like a good place to be based.

Signed a normal tenancy contract and paid for the year with 1 cheque.

Just over 90 days prior to renewal I got notified of a rent increase of just under 10%, RERA said nil increase but I agreed a compromise of just under 5%, I effectively split the difference, new contract signed, cheque handed over.

Fast forward to this year, I gave notice of my intention to extend again, at exactly 90 days, I received no acknowledgement.

When I pushed for a response I received a message saying my rent would be increased by 33%.

I rejected this as RERA again said no increase due and the notification had been given at well under 90 days notice.

I received a simple reply, with my contract attached, saying RERA rules don't apply as the apartment is classed as a 'holiday home' and as such DCTM rules apply not RERA. Effectively my Landlord can do as he wishes.

My fault for not noticing a different contract being given to me to sign last year, but also underhand of the Landlord. I'm still digging to see if I do have any rights but I missed a golden rule - Read any contract before you sign it, don't trust that it is the same.

I don't particularly want to move but I'm not accepting a 33% rise.

Shared so that other folks can hopefully avoid this trap.

@JollyJackTar best you find a new land lord in the same area. It will save you a lot of back and forth

@aritayob Already on the case - landlord did come back and say make a counter offer but I'm not playing his games, I move out in mid-March, plenty of choice around.