New members of the United Arab Emirates forum, introduce yourselves here - 2023

Hi all,

Newbie on the United Arab Emirates forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in the United Arab Emirates if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

My pleasure to be here, I came alone to experience a g-d loving people and hard-workers' environment, now as a tourist considering staying longer.

Hi i just moved to Dubai, setting up business of distributorship and Agencies of selling city cleaning, building cleaning and environmental protection equipment. Any suggestion or opportunities anyone please contact to discuss further details.

Hi, this is sudhakar bhandari, graduated in hotel management, having 22 years of experience in hospitality sectors, currently located in iraq, looking for job, iam willing to move any country or location.

please contact on my below details.


Thank you.

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Hello everyone,

Welcome on board !

Please note that the New Members thread is only meant for introduction of new members.

If you are looking for a job, please drop an advert in the Jobs in the United Arab Emirates section of the website or go through the Living in the United Arab Emirates guide for expats for more infos.

All the best


Hi Andy here from the UK, been based in Dubai for nearly 2 years now, I have visited Dubai many times over the years (decades, I'm getting on in years!) but first time living here, enjoying it and as long as my job stays, I plan to be here another 4 years or so and then retire to the Philippines

Hello JollyJackTar,

Welcome to 1f601.svg

We are happy to read your message.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

How hard/easy was it to get a job in the UAE?

Feel free to start a new thread on the United Arab Emirates forum to share your experience from the beginning and how it is going now. We would like to hear from you soon. 1f604.svg


Cheryl team

@Cheryl I got the job here quite easily to be honest - through word of mouth - I knew my predecessor and his predecessor as well even though I worked for a different company, we all had a very specialist skill set so luckily not a lot of competition!

I will put a separate post about recent apartment rental problems and sneaky landlords!

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

We will be waiting for this post, which already looks interesting. 1f601.svg

hi. myself Staiwon. registered nurse in Sharjah. recently moved in. just explored little bit. much to do with ur support. 🙂🤝

Thank you for response i need work  in dubai you helping me

Hello lesleystclairburke,

Welcome to 1f601.svg

Please let us know how we can help you.

If there is a topic you would like to discuss with other members, please feel free to open a new thread on the United Arab Emirates forum to ask your questions.


Cheryl team

@Julien Hello, I am Abrilene Johnston-Scott and I recently received a job offer to work at a university in Ajman. I am from the Caribbean with 19 years of experience in teaching in higher education.

I am looking forward to meeting all you wonderful people and to learn about the culture in Ajman.

I also have questions that I would like ask.

Looking forward to meeting you all later in the year.



Welcome Abrilene.

Unfortunately I am leaving UAE in a few days,

All the best,


Hello Abrilene,

Welcome to!

Thank you for introducing yourself.

Don't hesitate to check the Ajman forum and to participate in more discussions there1f609.svg


Yoginee team

@Julien Hi everyone is a privilege to be part of you all,personally have been there but hopefully I will be there some time soon looking forward to work and help develop the country for today and future.

Hello florishnii,

Welcome to 1f601.svg

What do you do for a living?

Have you been there before?

Kindly tell us more about yourself.


Cheryl team



Thanks for having me I just joined this great platform. My name is Jessica, I live and work in the UK and looking to relocate to the UAE for a fresh start. Am a Medical Laboratory Technician.

Thank you


I am Purva, serving in Dubai as a yoga, mediation, breath-work teacher and Sound therapist. I hail from the land of enriched traditional yoga and ancient sound methodologies of holistic healing-India.


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Hello everyone,

Welcome to

I suggest that all new members start their adventure on this forum by reading the Living in the United Arab Emirates guide for expats.

If you are looking for a job, kindly create your CV here > Jobs in the United Arab Emirates.

@purvacanvas, serving in Dubai as a yoga, meditation, breath-work teacher and Sound therapist.

You should register your services in the United Arab Emirates business directory. 1f609.svg

All the best,

Cheryl team

Hi.. I am Architect Shweta... came to Dubai as a tourist and extended work trip... trying to explore possiblities to relocate to Dubai in the feild of architecture and interior development... I am here till the 22nd March... pls do let me know if anyone can help..

Thanks and warm regards.

Hello Architect Shweta,

Welcome on board !

if you are looking for a job, feel free to create your CV in the Jobs in Dubai section of the website.

Are you looking for an opportunity in Dubai only or are you open to other regions/cities ?

All the best



It's a privilege to be a part of this group, which has been really helpful for me in the initial relocation phase.

I am Shreyas and have recently relocated to Dubai on work. I work for a software MNC and manage technology partnerships.

Looking forward to learning and contributing to the community.


Hey shreyasnandennavar,

Welcome to 1f601.svg

Thank you for the kind words.

How is your life as an expat so far?

How hard/easy was the relocation?

Feel free to start a new thread on the Dubai forum to tell us more about your experience.

We will love to hear from you.


Cheryl team

@Julien hello m'y name is Malek im 23years old  m'y diploma costmes formality After graduation from university i worked almost  2years as a mananger in export ans import campany ste tay industriel in Tunisia and however recently im working a call center ans i thnin this job IS a right for me

Hi I am Candace I'm a math teacher from Trinidad. I initially joined for advice on my teaching assessment with the ESE. I am trying to relocate to the UAE so I'm on the lookout for teaching opportunities. Nice to meet everyone 😊😊

Hello and welcome everyone !

New members joining us looking for a jobs, could you please create your CV in the Jobs in the United Arab Emirates section of the website ?

Make sure that you read the Living in the United Arab Emirates guide for expats to gather as much information as possible.

All the best


@Julien Hi Julien, nice to meet you. I am a senior healthcare professional, trying to seek better horizons in United Arab Emirates. I am a Physiotherapist and Biomechanic specialized in the analysis of human body movement and body postures, as well as the management of musculoskeletal injuries due to repetitive efforts. I have 34 years of professional experience. Thank you very much.

Hello Julien,

Jamie here and I am looking to move and gain employment there.

I am looking on job postings for real estate sales and I most likely have the standard questions:

How do I navigate the usual visa issues if needing a job to get a visa and a visa to get a job, leaving me in a challenging position; what is the most efficient way to gain employment and visas for such all at once and also finding starting accommodation in a suitable location.

Thank you and I will be grateful for any other information that anyone knows to be important when getting started from a zero position.

Hi !

  I hope all of doing name is Fazal Wahid and I'm from Pakistan. And I graduate in BS education (center of staff training and education)(b.ed) and I'm looking for a job. anybody can help me please. I need your helps.


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hello everyone,

Welcome on board !

Please note that candidates looking for a job, need to create their CV in the Jobs in United Arab Emirates section.

You should also read the articles under the Work in the United Arab Emirates section of t he Guide to know how you can land a job.

All the best,


I am from Benin Republic, United Arab Emirates is so attractive, he have many things how you need to enjoy you will find it. You can move by taxi, bus, métro, ... About the food many restaurants and many supermarket, hyper market, and grocery is there to make easy the work you can order online anything you went.. The right of respect for humanity also the priority, one country like paradise.

Hi everyone,

I am Musthafa, Indian  working in hospitality sector at Fujairah in UAE. looking for new friends in Fujairah. Thanks

@Julien hi reply the introduction request? I just move here about 2 months ago and I'm loving everything already,came to live permanently

Welcome IsavX,

I hope you had a smooth move. How has been your experience of UAE so far ?



Hi everyone, I am Ian from Zambia. Recently moved to Dubai three months ago. I am a graduate Civil Engineer by profession and also a Chinese translator.

Hello all! 1f60e.svg

Would love to move to Dubai within the next year.

Kind regards,




I am looking for work in dubai as a nanny, au pair.

I am French and wish to live in Dubai.

Can you help me ?


@yasmimina213 Hello,

Please create your cv in the Jobs in the United Arab Emirates section of the website.

You may also search for opportunities on the websites listed in the Finding a job and working in the United Arab Emirates article.

all the best



Thanks for the welcome !

I am french and will move to Abu Dhabi by mi-october for a new profesional challenge. I have registered to catch some information before moving there, such as cultural and sports activities, housing etc.

Have a good evening