Hi, my name is Jeanette

Hello Filipino Forum members!

My name is Jeanette, I am Dutch and I lived in the Philippines for nearly 4 years, I traveled through this beautiful archipelago on a motorcycle.  That was nearly 4 years ago, now I am in Mexico.

Because my profession allows me to travel as a digital nomad, I love to stay in touch with the Philippines and what is happening there, so I read Rappler (haha) and love to look around on this forum, happy to help where I can.

Feel free to connect or reach out to me.


Welcome to the Forum Jeanette.

Nothing happening right now in Manila where I spent about a week on a business trip recently.

I've been visiting there since 2001 when it was PHP100 to the £. Stayed at the now demolished Mandarin Oriental where I was treated like a king and had 30 gorgeous masseuses on 24 hour rotation ( but not all at once 🤣)

You could cross the city in a taxi for €2 and buy a beer for half that amount . The heart has been ripped out of Greenbelt (the only bit of greenery left in the city) with the closure of Café Havana - some of the best live bands I have seen anywhere in Asia. (Quick side bar: occasionally you would get 2 European females walk into the bar (always in two's - you're the exception) and the look on their faces was priceless .)

Outside of the the capital you will not be disappointed. You've probably visited Dumaguete where I usually hang out. The Filipino welcome and charm are still there. The Philippines is still relatively speaking off the tourist map. I, and I suspect most of the readers here will agree, hope it stays that way.

@JCfromHolland Hello Jeanette.  Thanks. I'm here now retiring here 8 months ago.