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About Wallis and Futuna

The islands are divided into two groups and are situated 230 kilometres away from each other. Futuna Islands (also known as the Hoorn Islands) include Futuna Island proper with a population of over 5,000 people and the uninhabited island of Alofi. Wallis Islands group is also called Uvea and includes Wallis Island proper inhabited by over 10,000 people.

The distance between the island groups has also led to evident differences in culture, economy, and the ethnic makeup. Wallis Island group is culturally connected to Tonga while Futuna's roots go back to Samoa.

The region's total area is 142.42 square kilometres and French is the official language. The country does not have any major cities ' the village of Mata-Utu is the capital of Wallis and Futuna.

The region's political situation is interesting ' it is divided into three kingdoms: Uvea (Wallis Island), Sigave (the third largest village on the island of Futuna), and Alo (on the uninhabited Alofi Island) ruled by three different kings.

The country's economy relies heavily on agriculture (coconut, vegetables, meats, fishing, etc.) which is also the source of employment for most of the population. Tourism on both islands is not well-developed, but there is quite a lot to see. Wallis is a volcanic island with cones and crater lakes to explore, and Futuna and Alofi lure the occasional traveller with mountainous landscapes covered in tropical forests and untouched coastline.

Citizens of most countries can travel to Wallis and Futuna visa-free ' some for unlimited time and some for a period of up to 90 days.

Quick Information

Capital : Mata Utu
Currency : Franc
Area : 274 Km2
Population : 16025
Calling Code : +681
Timezone : Pacific/Wallis

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