About Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Saint Pierre & Miquelon is a little haven of French culture, cuisine and atmosphere in the Atlantic Ocean. A self-governing territory of France, this small group of islands has managed to preserve the authentic look and feel of a French town a world away from L'Hexagone.

Located in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean, Saint Pierre & Miquelon stretches over 242 km2 and includes the islands of Saint Pierre, Miquelon-Langlade, L'île-aux-Marins and many smaller uninhabited islands.

The centre of all activity is the smaller island of Saint Pierre with a population of just over 5,500 people. The larger Miquelon has about 600 citizens, who enjoy a quieter laid back lifestyle with farmlands and lots of wildlife. The L'île-aux-Marins is an abandoned village with a few remaining buildings: a school, a church, a museum, and a handful of houses.

Even though Saint Pierre & Miquelon is a territory of France, the region is not part of the Schengen Treaty and has its own immigration policy. Residents of most countries can travel to Saint Pierre & Miquelon visa-free, with citizens of the European Economic Area allowed to stay in the country for an unlimited time.

The island's' economy is based primarily on fishing and, in a smaller part, on farming. French is the official language of the region, and the Euro is the official currency. Saint Pierre & Miquelon is attractive to all looking for a familiar European way of life in North America. However, the small territory does set its limits on both tourists and the expat population, as well as residents, with most young people going away to study and work.