Rental options in Seville

Updated 2021-08-13 09:39

How much does it cost to rent a property in Seville? Although prices vary enormously, finding a good quality home at a reasonable price in the city is relatively easy. Whether you are looking for a one or two-bedroom apartment, villa or room in a house, there are plenty of choices. As with any other city the same general rule applies - rental prices are more expensive the closer you are to the city centre.

According to Numbeo, a global crowdsourced database, the rent per month for a one-bedroom city centre apartment is between 550 euros and 800 euros per month while the rent for a one-bedroom property outside of the centre is between 400 euros and 550 euros.

If you need more space, a three-bedroom property in central areas will set you back between 900 euros and 1,500 euros per month while the rent for a similar home outside of the centre costs between 600 euros and 900 euros per month. These figures are based on more than 350 entries from 41 contributors in 12 months up to April 2021.

Additional costs when renting in Seville

In addition to paying the monthly rent, there will be other costs paid by you. These include water, gas, electricity, and internet/telephone costs. Before signing the rental contract, ask your landlord to give you a summary of the average costs of your utility bills for the summer and winter. Utilities for an 85m² apartment usually average out at around 120 euros per month. You will probably also have to pay the Basura or rubbish tax, a quarterly bill for the rubbish collection.

You may even have to pay the IBI (Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmeuble) tax, a local town hall or municipal tax. Typically, the landlord will pay this, but the rental contract may stipulate a different arrangement.

Expect to be asked to pay an upfront deposit of at least one month's rent which will be returned to you in full at the end of the rental period. The landlord or agent can only keep part or all of this money if you damage something or don't pay your rent.

When renting a home in Seville, you will be asked to provide:

  • Personal references
  • Evidence of employment or ability to pay the rent
  • A tax identification number if you're employed
  • Your passport or another form of identification

Finding accommodation in Seville

Before speaking to estate and rental agents, search online to find the best Seville rental property to suit your needs. Among the websites to look at are:


Good to know:

Properties will be either furnished or unfurnished. Sometimes classified ads do not include this information. Therefore, it's always worth checking with the landlord or rental agent to be sure about what you're getting for your money and whether you will need to buy a sofa, television, and so forth.

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