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Looking for a job in Constanta? Start by learning about the city’s labour market, opportunities and the best ways to go about looking for work.

Constanta, which is among Romania's major cities, is located in the East of the country, on the western banks of the Black Sea. It is a vibrant and developed city thanks to its port, which is the biggest port in the country, one of the largest ports in Europe and the biggest port in the Black Sea. Thanks to its beneficial position on the Black Sea, Constanta is a dynamically developing city open to foreign expertise. Thus, looking for a job in the city should not be too complicated. Then again, a good knowledge of the local labour market before proceeding with your job search will definitely help.


As mentioned previously, Constanta hosts the country's biggest port, as well as a major industrial center, which includes several shipbuilding dockyards. In fact, this sector has been one of the city's major job providers for many years. The city's economy also relies heavily on industry, trade, and tourism. Moreover, a number of new companies, including several that are involved in the import-export fields, are currently being set up across the city.

Labour market

In mid-2014, most advertised jobs in Constanta were available in the welding, locksmith, metallic and shipbuilding fields, as well as in industry and textiles. Today, however, opportunities are also available in other fields like IT, finance, trade, marketing, and tourism. When talking about industry, processing and equipment manufacturing are the most promising fields.

As regards tourism, most vacancies are found in hotels and restaurants. Note that Constanta is a very popular city thanks to its beaches and a variety of landmarks like the Danube Delta. Finally, trade, through import-export, is a real haven for companies operating within the port region.

Find a job

Speaking Romanian will be one of the primary requirements for landing a good position in the country and will also be of significant help in the job search itself. With that, most industries and companies operating across Constanta are used to receiving job applications in English and other foreign languages. Knowledge of English is therefore highly recommended for an easier integration. However, if you are looking for career prospects in the tourism or educational sector, knowledge of other foreign languages in addition to Romanian and English will be a definite plus.

As for the job search in itself, you can start by browsing offers on the Internet, including professional social networks liked Linkedin, general and specialized job websites, as well as in classifieds ads in local newspapers. You can also seek the assistance of Constanta's Departmental Employment Agency which not only provided advice and tips but also notifies job-seekers regarding current vacancies.

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