Accommodation in Porto
Updated 9 months ago

Porto is Portugal's second-largest city, after Lisbon, with a population of approximately 215,000 within the city, and 1.7 million within the wider Porto region. Porto attracts tourists and expats from across the world, drawn to the culture, history, food and wine of this scenic waterfront city.

Finding a flat or house in Porto can take some effort, and you should be prepared to invest quite some time looking for your best option. It is advised to begin your search as soon as possible. Thanks to the popularity of tourism in Porto and the overall increase in housing prices, finding accommodation, especially on a short-term basis, can be challenging.
In order to understand Porto's outskirts, make sure to take a look at our neighbourhood guide for some insight into the best places to live in. The article about buying property in Porto will also give you some relevant information about price per square meter since these values will also impact renting prices.

Where to look for accommodation in Porto

There are several ways to search for accommodation in Porto, namely via the internet, real estate agencies and classified ads in local newspapers. If you are already in Porto, meet with several real estate agencies to go over your requirements, as they can help you find a property within your budget.

If you are doing your research remotely, you can also try to reach out via email and look for guidance from a real estate agency, but keep in mind that opting to rent a house directly from its owner will be a cheaper option.

You should also browse different websites of local real estate agencies to get a better understanding of options. Try websites like Mitula, OLX and Imovirtual. Housing groups on social media can also help in finding accommodation in Porto.

It is worth noting that, due to the growing popularity of tourism in Porto, and generalised property speculation, prices have been suffering increased since past years.

Lease conditions in Porto

Rent prices in Porto can range widely, depending on size, location, and amenities. However, rents for a one-bedroom apartment are estimated to range between EUR 388-564 per month, depending on proximity to the city centre. Once you have found the ideal home, you will have to pay a deposit and possibly 1-2 months' rent upfront. Lease contracts can vary from short to long-term, depending on need.

When signing a lease, your identity card or passport will be required, as well as your employment contract and your Portuguese tax identification number. If you are not fluent in Portuguese, you may need to hire a translator to assist with document translation and a lawyer to make sure documents are properly submitted.

To sum it up, as soon as you start the research process, the better it is and the more chances you have to be successful.

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