About Liechtenstein

Situated in Europe between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein is a small landlocked country in Western Europe. Its elevated location makes it popular with tourists, with the ski season at its sole resort running from December to April. Liechtenstein is home to one of the smallest populations in the world, though it has a strong economy and low rates of unemployment, as well as a well-reputed education system.

Though the winter months allow for winter sports in the mountainous regions, the climate is quite mild otherwise. Liechtenstein is a politically stable country, with stunning vistas and historic architecture. There are castles throughout the country that are open to the public and are popular with tourists.

Liechtenstein has a developed economy and has succeeded in attracting companies and wealthy private individuals to invest in the country with its relaxed tax regime. Though in the past this has been an issue of some contention, especially among countries that suspected their nationals were evading tax via Liechtenstein, this is no longer the case thanks to increased co-operation from the government.

Expats looking to work in Liechtenstein may find this is not sufficient to allow residency in the country. Cross-border commuters (who require a permit) are common, and the country is quite restrictive when it comes to residency, with only 89 permits being awarded to EEA and Swiss residents. Third-country nationals are only granted residency in special circumstances.