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Student life is a significant moment in anyone's life. Given its high-quality education, many people around the world choose the Italian capital as their next destination to pursue their higher studies or spend their Erasmus year. But where and how to find a place to stay? How much does life cost in Rome? What are the advantages of studying in a city like Rome? Where can you meet other students in the Eternal City? These are some of the main questions many have before coming to Rome.

Where and how to find student accommodation in Rome

There are very few options available in terms of student residences to Italian scholars. Therefore, many students in Rome choose to rent an apartment together with other flatmates to save up on the overall costs. In some apartments, one can share their room with 2 to 3 other people. This can be a great option if you have a limited budget. The rate for the posto letto (shared rooms) goes up to 250€ per month.

In comparison, the price for la camera singola, which are individual rooms, varies between 350€ and 500€. Several factors can affect the rate - namely the neighbourhood, the size of the apartment or the number of flatmates. The best approach is to start looking for a home before university resumes – more specifically around July up to the end of August.

Here are some websites and Facebook groups onto which you can post ads to help your search:

It is best to pick an area where most students stay and of near distance to your university. For instance, you can easily find a place to stay in San Lorenzo, Piazza Bologna, Ostiense-San Paolo or in Pigneto.

Cost of living in Rome

To study and stay in Rome, you will need 800€ and 1,000€ every month. As your accommodation expenses generally vary between 250 and 500€ depending on the type of room you choose, this will be the most significant part of your overall expenses. To save up, you can buy a monthly transport subscription for 35€ or buy one-off tickets for the price of 1,50€. You can also purchase an Annual Special Student Subscription. The starting price for the same is 141€ and may vary depending on where you are based.

Going out should not blow a hole in your budget as bars and restaurants tend to offer very attractive rates, especially in student neighbourhoods. You can sign up at the gym for about 50€ a month or benefit from student rates to the movie theatre. A movie ticket generally costs around 3€ while going to the museum can cost up to 10€.

Student discounts

One of the advantages of studying in Rome is that you will be entitled to various discounts so long that you produce your student ID card or a valid university pass – whether at the movies, at the theatre or in parks. Some restaurants like the famous food chain Subway and the Architetto della Pizza offer discounts to people who study at La Sapienza.

The university also provides preferential rates for certain sport activities like yoga as well as for banking services. Stores like Eataly give you 10% off products at some restaurants and the supermarket.

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