How to find a job in Phuket

Finding work in Phuket
Updated 2019-08-14 14:17

The tropical island of Phuket is very popular among foreigners who are looking to integrate Thai culture and the beach into their everyday life. As an expat, you will need to follow the same visa regulations and procedures as you would elsewhere in the country, even though the laidback vibe of Phuket is quite different compared to cities such as Bangkok. If you want to find a job in Phuket, you will need to be able to offer skills that aren't available locally.

Types of jobs available in Phuket


Teaching English is a relatively easy way to earn an income in Phuket, as long as you have a degree and a teaching qualification. Pay is quite low in this field, so many people find it difficult to do as a long-term career but, at the same time, you probably won't be required to work too many hours. So you will have plenty of time to cruise around the island on your motorbike and soak up the sun on the beach. Offering private tuition on the side is also a great way to earn some extra income. If you have a lot of teaching experience or a teaching degree, it's worth trying to find a job at one of the international schools in Phuket, as they are likely to pay more than what you'd receive in a state school or language centre.


If you want to find a better-paid job, then you will need to be able to offer skills and experience that are difficult to find locally. Phuket is rapidly developing and has become a key tourist hub in the country. Consequently, there are a growing number of businesses operating on the island, and various skills ' such as computer programming ' are now in higher demand. The tourism industry is also burgeoning, and many foreigners find work in this sector. Your wage may still be a lot less than it would be in your home country, but the cost of living in Phuket is likely also to be considerably lower. And lying on the beach with friends doesn't need to cost a penny.

Scuba diving instructor

If you love scuba diving and already have your PADI qualification, you could further your underwater education by training to become a diving instructor when you are in Phuket. Instructors earn enough to get by, and accommodation and food are sometimes included. Instructors may make around 40, 000 ' 60, 000/month.

Real estate managers

As a result of all the condominiums that are being built in Phuket, there is an increasing number of openings for foreigners in the real estate market. Companies like CBRE and Absolute consider hiring foreigners ' especially those with multiple language skills ' to sell timeshares and take care of developments. Depending on qualifications and experience, jobs in this field can range from riding around the island on a motorbike trying to recruit potential purchasers, to business development and operational management positions.

Hotel and bar manager

In Phuket, there are lots of hotels which needs English speaking staffs. If you have a hotel management experience, better to contact the high-end and five-star hotels as it pays well with the other perks.

Job-hunting in Phuket

If you are already in Phuket, it's worth looking through the job section of the island's English language newspaper ' the Phuket Gazette ' for vacancies. It is published every week and will save you sifting through the national newspapers for jobs that are likely to be based in Bangkok.

Job websites like JobTopGun, JobBKK, Craigslist and JobsDB, are also worth browsing. It's also a good idea to follow Facebook pages like Jobs Phuket Search to stay up-to-date with opportunities.

If you would rather have some face-to-face contact on your search, then get in touch with a recruitment agency, or get to know the foreigners that are running hotels, bars or restaurants on the island to see if they have any positions available or any advice to share.

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