Why Shanghai is the perfect place for a business school...

Published 2019-09-18 14:53

Ahead of the Expat Show Shanghai which will be on from the 20th to the 22nd of September we have had a chat with Christophe Rouillon. He is the director of ESSCA Shanghai, the Chinese branch of a French business school.

The Chinese adventure of ESSCA has started a whole 13 years ago! Why did you decide to open a branch in Shanghai?

When ESSCA decided to set up a campus in Shanghai in 2006 we were pioneers, China was booming and was not yet the world's second largest economic power nor the first in terms of economic trade with stratospheric FDI. Today China is the place to be: most universities are settled here or seek to do so. With hindsight, setting up shop in Shanghai was the obvious decision and an excellent way to make our young people aware of this incredible country.

What is your assessment of the 13 years of operation of ESSCA in Shanghai?

These last 13 years have been fruitful for our students, they can benefit from an incredible network of alumni in China as well as in Asia. During this period we have continued to improve what we offer to students and we now offer a complete range of programs, from the Bachelor's degree to PhD, including several Masters specializing in Brand Marketing, in the field of Luxury or Digital with a focus in Asian markets and China. Our courses are tailored to the local economic reality and we offer specializations in sectors of the future.

What profiles are most attracted to ESSCA?

We mainly attract students from other courses, partly from ESSCA campuses in France and from our partner universities around the world. Every year many nationalities are represented in our classrooms, many French of course but also Europeans, Americans and Asian students. Since our courses are delivered in English by teachers from diverse backgrounds, our Shanghai campus is truly a place for multicultural exchange.

Why is Shanghai the perfect city to study business?

Shanghai is a dynamic and innovative city, it is at the heart of the development of contemporary China and an economic center of global importance. For our students this means developing academic projects with the many companies located on site and finding internships locally. Shanghai is definitely a privileged place to study business. Also, in a world where the ability to adapt and work internationally has become crucial having an experience of China is definitely plus points for an employer. It allows an international student to subsequently, better apprehend a future expatriation experience.

Tell us a little bit about the student life in Shanghai...

Upon arriving in Shanghai our students discover an exciting city. Our campus is in the heart of the city so they have access to a plethora of different restaurants and can indulge in various sports and cultural activities, they are really spoiled for choice. We help them of course when they arrive to find accommodation and to complete the necessary administrative formalities, but they quickly get used to it and enjoy the student life which is in full swing, as in any big student city.

Is it easy to find a job in Shanghai after studying there?

Job offers exist indisputably. Companies are on the lookout for talented, career-oriented young people who have knowledge of innovative sectors.