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Lima City of Kings

City guide and culture blog for Lima, Peru, the "City of Kings."

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Pelican Tales

A Caribbean chica from the spice isle Grenada, I lived in the UK for 12 years, and now (as of October 2015) call Lima, Peru home. Pelican Tales is about life in Lima, discovering the food, culture, language, history and more, and about adventures travelling through South America while I'm here.

Living Lima with Kids

Bilingual English-Spanish blog on weekend plans, tips, and thoughts on living abroad based on my experience. Whether you just got to Peru or have been here for long, if you have kids this is for you. I grew up as an expat kid, and I'm now also an expat mom of 2. Born in Madrid and raised abroad, terms like relocation, adapting and new culture have been part of my vocabulary and day to day ever since I can remember. I've lived in different cities within Spain, the US, with my parents based in places like Germany or Virginia once I got older.

Dulce Compañía

The author was working as a management consultant in London until July 2014, when she exchanged the fog to the smog of wintery Lima. If settling into a new country is like getting used to a new pair of shoes, in her case those have been running shoes. Getting to know the pavements and cerros of Lima and further afield before the sun rise, has brought many friends, adventures and much needed respite from the citys daily chaos. This in turn has led to, if not more frequent, at least less frustrated blog posts about another foreign transplants life in Peru. Her dream is to take part in one of this countrys spectacular ultra marathons and live to blog the tale.

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Wawas in Peru

Raising kids in Peru as an American expat.

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pete cable A South American Adventure

It is intended to be an account of my long awaited tour of South America. Including lots of pictures and humour - I hope. Also, I am intending to add action videos - if I can find some action.

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The Real Peru

Welcome to my new blog about the real Peru. In this blog I plan to tell you about Peru, both the good and the bad. True information about Peru is hard to find thanks to all the propaganda out there about Peru being "heaven on earth" most of it spewed out by the Peruvian media and repeated by viewers and listeners who are bombarded with the same message over and over. Compound that with the poor education system in Peru and you realize why many people in Peru act and think the way they do. Just because the media repeats things over and over again, it does not follow that what they are reporting is the truth. Peru, like every country in the world, has its good aspects and bad. No country is perfect. Without criticizing and discussing the bad, things will continue the same as they have always been and never change. To any Peruvians who read this blog, I hope you can use this information to reflect on the problems in the hopes of making things better in Peru. Thank you.

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A Gringos life in Cusco

Tips and observations from an American living in Cusco

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Living Without Permission

It is unimaginably freeing to fit your whole life into a pack that you can carry on your back. Living Without Permission explores the unconventional lifestyles of the pioneers, the daring, and the off-beat. Meet those who are waking up to their own latent desires and ideas, casting off roles and expectations, and choosing unconventional lives. Come see the world with me.

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Raising Miro on the Road of Life

Miro and Lainie (mother 45 and 12 year old son) share their adventures from the Road of Life, discussing issues of humanity, global citizenship, unschooling, slow travel, family travel, volunteering & living in the moment as they explore the big beautiful planet, they call home.

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Lyndsey's New Groove

As a french-speaking former expat in Paris I had no intention or desire to visit Latin America, much less move there. Then I found my dream job as a traveling photographer and writer! Only catch: I had to move to Peru. So now I'm a giant-camera-totting, bad-spanish-speaking, blue-eyed, tall gringa learning to live in Peru while I explore Latin America. I call it finding my "New Groove." It's a good thing I love llamas!

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Roving Reporter

An out-of-work journalist seeks self-actualization and/or good seafood in Lima, Peru.

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South America Travel News

I am an expat from the US living in Peru. I run this blog, South America Travel News. South America Travel News is chock-full of useful information that you can use to prepare for your trip across South America. Whether you are gathering last-minute tips for where to stay near Rio de Janeiro, or gleaning the web for ideas for off-the-beaten treks near Machu Picchu, South America Travel News is a resource you can rely on.

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Lady in Lima

I studied in Germany, met a Peruvian boy, followed him to Lima and now I'm an expat. Completely logical, right?

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What Little Things?

Experiencing and reflecting on the little things in life in Huancayo, Peru.

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Observations and experiences of an English teacher living in Arequipa, Peru.

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Latin America 2009/10

1 year, 17 countries in South and Central America

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Peru travel tips and information written by an English expat and travel writer living in Tarapoto, Peru.

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Sabor A Selva

Life in the Peruvian Amazon

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“Do it! You’ll regret not going or wish you had gone sooner.”

Today, Maya, an LA girl, is living with her husband in Singapore and expecting her first child. But Maya has not always had a companion on her Expat adventures. Indeed, a few years ago, right after college, young Maya left the US to teach in the Philippines, satisfying an urge to live abroad she’s always had. In an interview to, Maya tells us all about her expat adventures and her blog Maya the Explorer.

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