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Culinary Diary

I am a food editor/food stylist based in Sydney and write about food-related topics in German and English.

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The Life of Pie

20-something British girl living in Sydney. I moved over in 2008 after my partner got a job offer here. I blog about what I get up to on the other side of the world...

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Round About

My travelling adventures.

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Gone on a Lucky Country

This is the story of Joe and Mimi who have packed up their home in the bluegrass hills of Kentucky and moved to Sydney Australia.

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A Texan in Oz

All about my life and my move from Big City, Texas to Small Town, Queensland. Where most have migrated to a cities of millions, I've moved straight into a rural mining township of less than 6000 people. Watch me as I try to salvage my interests in fashion, food and culture while gardening, bird watching and crocheting threaten to overtake.

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PhD Down Under

I moved here from Canada with my son (7 yrs old) and husband to do my PhD at UNSW. The blog is aimed at family and friends, but might be helpful for other expats.

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Hi. I'm Sandra and I'm Dutch. I've lived for the past three years in Mumbai. Since January 2010, I live in Sydney with my husband Marcel and our two kids, Sebastiaan (6 years) and Julia (4 years). I'm not sure yet what to expect. My plan is to start working again. I write this blog for my friends and family but also for people who want to experience Sydney and Australia like we do.

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Le blog d'Elo en Oz

Les tribulations d'une jeune froggy dans le vaste pays austral, avec le working holiday visa en poche

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move to sydney

a blog by two malaysians moving to sydney after 10 years in singapore... figuring out life in downunder

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Sven's guide to Oz

Welcome! I'm Sven and this is a guide to my life in Australia. Join me in discovering the do's and don'ts of living down under. Like that box of crap in the bottom of your wardrobe, there's useful stuff in here. Somewhere.

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Look Right

Sydney: Eight consecutive years as Travel + Leisure's Top City, and my new home. Read and enjoy the true adventures of my life Down Under.

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Expats In Oz

The story of one African American's search for happiness and fulfillment in the land down under. Tongue & cheek look at the challenges and opportunities that come with moving to a new country and some hilarious anecdotes about food, family, people and circumstances.

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A Girl named SuperMindy

A blog about a 25 year old girl who married an Aussie and is spending her life in a new world.

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Le Fabuleux Voyage de Napoleon

Bonjour, I'm a Napoléon. I usually live in Amsterdam, but I got fed up with all the dirty silly pigeons and have decided to go and visit my relatives in Australia for 4 months. I like: meeting other Napoléons, jumping in the big waves, speaking English with a funny accent, eating chocolate cakes. I dislike: people contradicting me (I'm NEVER wrong), and big cockroaches running around in the streets, especially at night, when you don't see where you put your little feet.

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life in the southern hemisphere

a blog by two very northern people, figuring out life in a very southern city.

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My life in Sydney

Blog about my new life in Sydney

Oz Mashup

A candid look on everything happening in and for Australia in regards of Dating, Technology, Real Estate, Jobs and any other topics of interest.

Healthy food and pastries

A branch of recipes, mostly pastries, and advices regarding healthy living


Hi there! My blog is more a photoblog where I share the pictures of my life in Sydney, Australia.

Blog of the month:The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

Chelsea has been living in London for just over a year now but she has been dreaming about this life since she was a little girl. Europe has always been Chelsea's place to be. Our American girl documents her life abroad on her blog The Portable Wife.