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The Life of a Swedish Expat in Brisbane, Australia

G'day and welcome to the life of a chronic expat currently living in Brisbane, Australia. Addicted to photography, travelling, everyday adventures, warm weather and a good view.

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Aussie by Nature

Aussie by nature is all about life in Australia from a perspective of an expat. We all come from the different backgrounds and very often things in Australia works in different ways than where we came from. The whole intention of the site is to share a knowledge and hopefully make newcomer lifes easier.

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Eat All Over the World

I am a small town girl that wants to explore the world one memory time. After I got married I was blessed with the initials EAT, so their the idea for my blog. This is all about our adventures, packing up, exploring, and learning other cultures. This blog is so people can journey with us from packing up our house, moving over seas, traveling all over Australia/Asia side of the world, furnishing our house-cheap, and making memories together. I know there will be many "REALLY?!?" and "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!" along the way, so come laugh with us on our adventure!

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The Joy Project

I'm an English lass who moved from the UK to the USA and now to Brisbane Australia . I along with 2 beautiful friends started the Joy Project to help those who've also moved to Brisbane with loads of local info and local tips and thoughts on moving with a family in tow

hucares anyway?!!!

I used to think that the ability to drop everything is the measure of much you love someone. But it's not. Over the year's, I came to realize that the true measure of how much you want someone is not how you make him your world. Rather, it's how you weave him into yours...


A celebration of the human experience through travel and environment.

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Everything you need to know about moving to and living in Brisbane including the good, the bad and the downright ugly!

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In Search of the Platypus

The Platypus is a strange little mammal which, by being adaptable and swift, recreated itself to adapt to the changing circumstances and therefore survived while all other life around it was extinguished. Platypuses are not sure of their genre. They have fur and lactate, like a mammal; have a bill and webbed feet, like a bird; lay eggs and produce venom, like a reptile; and find their prey using electroreception, like sharks. They are equally at home in land or water. The platypus is so weird that when first described, many scientists assumed that it was a hoax. Wishing to have the same cunning ability to adapt to my new surroundings and enjoy this Ozzie adventure, I have chosen the platypus as my totem during the journey :-)

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Down Under

My adventures studying abroad and traveling for a semester in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.

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Nous aussies

A blog by and about a couple chasing their dreams and telling everybody what is like. Blog is written in english and french. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment. Cheers

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My Life in Oz

This blog is a snapshot of my life since moving to Oz from California to join my fiance, who is over here for work. We are living the adventure and loving it.

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What's it really like to live in Australia? In November 2007, BobinOz, his wife and young daughter boarded a plane to Brisbane on a one way ticket. So what happens when you swap England for Oz?

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Busog! Sarap!

A Fil-Australian foodie addict that resides in Brisbane, QLD. The aim of Busog! Sarap! is to have some info for the newcomers and other cultures that wants to learn more about Filipino cuisine. I'll be featuring places where to buy your asian ingredients, nice cheap places to eat, markets (tiangge), Filipino recipes that are dear to my heart and how to cook it. Please drop by and have a look...and also leave a comment just to let me know if Busog! Sarap! in any sense..informed you/put a smile in your face or even made you crave for that Filipino food that you grew up with =)

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An African Down Under

From the winelands and grey-blue mountains of the Western Cape, to the frenetic buzz of Saigon, and now under the endless blue skies and red dust of Australia. Follow me on this journey as my mind wanders, my eyes explore and my fingers record.

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A World Apart

A pretty honest account of returning home to Australia after years of living and working in London. The transition. The displacement. And the sometimes longing of being in two places at one time. Welcome home...

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The Incredible Flying Irishman

The mildly amusing adventure of an Irishman in Australia.

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The Unjaded World of Neuva

An personal account belonging to a jaded girl who is trying not to bottle it up. Hence the non- stop rumblings on the subject of travelling, adventure and other topics that pop to mind.

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The Mupersan's Australian Adventure

Scott & Mandy have been dreaming of moving to Australia for years. They realised that dream on Australia Day 2008 when Scott's long stay work visa was approved. They landed in Sydney on 25 February 2008.

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Our expat blog of the month: Wandy McNoble Down Under

Wendy comes from Mississauga, Canada. After travelling around Europe, including France, the UK and Sweden, she finally moved to Australia where she is a teacher, with her husband. Today, Wendy is a happy mom of two children: Ella who is three and Oliver who is six months old. Wandy McNoble Down Under is her blog where she talks about her day to day life and travels around the land down under.

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