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Living in Barcelona

My blog is about my life in Barcelona and everything that comes with it; friends, restaurants, training, interior design and fashion:)

Living the Spanish life

Stories from a Dutch girl that followed her heart to Spain.

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Expat blogger in Barcelona. A blog about life in Barcelona as a fun loving expat. I have lived in Barcelona for 8 years so far and this is just a small window into my life here. I love fashion, beauty, traveling and experiencing new restaurants and sights in and around Barcelona.

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This is Christie

just bits and bobs about my life as a teacher and/or student abroad. i don't update that much, but i'm still kickin'!

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La Vida Buena

A story about a young couple's journey of moving to Barcelona, Spain from the United States and their motivation and desire to live a new lifestyle.

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Changing Travels

A blog about expat living and travels as an expat. Articles about my epxerience as an expat in 3 countries and world traveller.

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I am an expat. A happy one. Living next to the best beach on Costa Brava. Every day admiring the beauty of Catalonia and learning what is really important by watching the daily Spanish life.

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Patty in Spain

An expat living in Barcelona. Experience this eccentric city and its customs through pictures and brief entries.

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Norwegian viking, moved to Barcelona during the spring of 2012. Blogging about my life as an expatriate, learning a new language, possible cultural collisions, strange events and other various experiences.

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Disturbing Barca Baby

My little life through pictures

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An American expat in Spain

Surviving and thriving in Barcelona

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A native Scot who fled Caledonia for Catalonia in spring 2011 - musings, observations, stories, experiences, and the occasional rant about living in Barcelona.

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Barcelona Besotted

A 'beso' is a kiss in spanish. This is about an infatuation with Barcelona that turned into a love affair with the city.

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Hoosier Mama Goes Global

Used to live in Indiana (and Chicago, and Berlin, and Tokyo, and Bonn) and have settled (for now) in Barcelona. Used to be single, now...married with a sometimes frustrating, but continuously amazing and beautiful family: husband, three-year-old daughter, and baby son. Always itching for the next travel adventure...

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New Life In Spain

Norwegian señorita who has moved to Spain in search of lots of sun (escape the hard Norwegian winter), southern-European culture, learning Spanish and simply just doing something different and fun with my life! Life's about living and I have found that it can be lived quite well under the spanish sun! Here I am telling about the things that happen along the way, thoughts and experiences, things worth seeing & doing, in some sort of diary of my New Life in Spain. You're more than welcome to join my new adventure!

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Hipstamatic to be Square

Armed with nothing but a camera, a map, and a healthy dose of curiosity, I'm on a quest to capture Barcelona!

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Barcelona & Catalonia blog -

Hi! My blog is generally about politics, society and culture in Catalonia, with specific focus on Barcelona and its environs. If you're interested in robust debate, divisive opinions and vicious slurs, you'll fit in well. If not, I do recipes, DVD reviews, travel guides and song lyrics too. Sometimes.

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From Barcelona

Random thoughts, observations and opinions on the city

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“Do it! You’ll regret not going or wish you had gone sooner.”

Today, Maya, an LA girl, is living with her husband in Singapore and expecting her first child. But Maya has not always had a companion on her Expat adventures. Indeed, a few years ago, right after college, young Maya left the US to teach in the Philippines, satisfying an urge to live abroad she’s always had. In an interview to, Maya tells us all about her expat adventures and her blog Maya the Explorer.