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The Bacalhau Chronicles

Portugal is home to the beloved bacalhau, or saltcod. Allegedly, there are 365 different recipes for the dish: one for each day of the year. This American girl is fixin' to find out! In the meantime, I try out other Portuguese classic dishes and fend off occasional homesickness by making American comfort foods from scratch.

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Julie Dawn Fox

Sharing memorable experiences and snapshots of my life and travels in Portugal in an attempt to entertain, inform and possibly inspire people with an interest in Portugal.

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Algarve Blog

about our move to live on the Algarve in Portugal

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Life is an open blog

Originally from London, I met my husband whilst on holiday in Portugal 30 odd years ago and have lived here ever since. When I reached 50, it seems I became a bit of an old rambler. Instead of inteligent conversation, I now ramble on about nothing. A blog seems like a good place to do this without boring the pants off everyone within earshot. As it's a blog, it's ok to yawn and move on to the next one, leaving me to my own devices.

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Marta, Julie and Maria

Daily life and reflections of a Portuguese-American Catholic girl in Lisbon

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the story of Casa Azul

We found Casa Azul one wet Monday morning in May 2009. It was just what we were after - a decrepit farmhouse in the depths of Central Portugal. Now restored, this is the story of its, and our, continuing renaissance.

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GoLisbon Blog

The blog covers aspects of Lisbon (and Portugal) from a localís perpective, highlighting things that may be overlooked during a quick visit and featuring others that should not be missed. It also covers upcoming events and occasionally offers personal reviews of services in the city.

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The Hand Family in Portugal

The life and trials of our family's move from Lincolnshire, England to Lagos, Portugal

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About A Gadabout

Dave's musings on our adventures as wandering freelancers.

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Piglet in Portugal

Through my blog I hope to share information about moving to Portugal plus a semi humorous account of everyday life. Situations or things that make me laugh or cry from the bizarre to the ridiculous along with the challenges I face due to language or cultural misunderstandings. Drop by and say Bom Dia!

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Expat mum in Portugal

Expat mum blog, following my life as an expat in portugal living in the sunny Algarve.

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We Love Moses

Blogging the stories of our family life on a yoga retreat in the magical village and valleys of Amieira, Central Portugal. Everyday we are tending this beautiful land and its stone dwellings in our journey towards self sufficiency. Moses is the Portuguese name of this place, meaning many mill stones. And, providently, is also the name of our beloved golden retriever, without whom, we'd never have found it. We love you Moses.

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bread sandwich

Photos and impressions of living in portugal.

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Portuguese Wind

Long long ago there was a little girl born. She loved her home and the urge to travel was never big. Later, when she grew up she decided to see the world (accomplished only in a tiny bit) and suddenly *boom*. The little - big girl decided to find her place in the world. Create a little home with no rush, with sun, laid back people and awesome food - Portugal.

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Atomic dogmA

Once upon a time there was a Canadian girl named Tango. She was on the path to study English Literature and Art History but a girlís gotta eat, so she became an accountant. She moved from Calgary to Vancouver and, for the next ten years, she worked as a financial analyst for startups in the technology industry. She wore stilettos and drank a lot of martinis. Then Tango met Penfold. A whirlwind romance in the blogosphere ensued and soon they were snogging in Ireland, Portugal, Sri Lanka, England, Canada, and the United States. After careful analysis (she is an accountant, after all) Tango drained her martini glass, gave her stilettos to a needy tramp and moved to the hills of Portugal. This is her story.

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Emma's house in Portugal

A blog about buying a ruin and building a house in Portugal plus food, architecture, design, travel and animals. I didnít come to Portugal looking for a house, but I think the houses came looking for me. I liked Portugal right away. The people are so laid back and unpretentious, the coffee and pastries are to die for, and the architecture is amazing. Lisbon and Porto, and many of the smaller towns are extraordinarily grand but so many of the richly decorated buildings are neglected and falling down.

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A surfer stuck in the mountains of Portugal. Proudly sporting a ridiculous orange surfboard I marched boldly from the surf shop. Stopping briefly to hand my spectacles to a passer-by I stumbled blindly into the sea...

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Portugal Bound

Learn about a wife and mother of five makes her home and serves the Lord in northern Portugal.

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Jacob found happiness in Taiwan !

The blogger behind Taiwan Foreigner initially left the USA for a semester abroad. It has been over a year and he is not planning on going back soon. The young Jacob fell in love with life in Taiwan and shares his love for the country on his blog.

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